A NUMBER of farming organisation with an environmental focus have come together to organise a conference for farmers in the north of England.

The Northern Real Farming Conference, which has been organised in partnership with the Oxford Real Farming Conference, will include sessions on business models, nature friendly farming, upland farming, cooperative and community supported agriculture, horticulture, public good, procurement, ELMS, water management, agroforestry and policy. Tickets will provide real-time live access to all the online conference sessions up until October 10.

The conference will provide a unique opportunity to meet the people putting new models of farming into practice, be inspired by those who have been farming for some time, and connect with other farmers facing their own challenges in producing good, affordable food for healthy communities.

It will bring together farmers, fishers, land managers, the food sector, researchers and activists to share practical experiences with an interest in meeting global food system challenges in innovative and environmentally regenerative ways.