A chip pan fire has sparked a warning from fire crews, urging people to ditch the 'dangerous' appliance.

A team from Workington Fire Station were called to a Workington home this afternoon after a chip pan caught fire.

The crew was called at about 12.45pm, and was pleased to see the three residents stood outside the property, with the cooker switched off and the windows and doors open.

They were treated with oxygen, but needed no further medical attention, as all were uninjured by the blaze.

"Thankfully they had the common sense to turn the cooker off so stopped the fire from spreading, and they'd ventilated the space to let the smoke out," a Workington Fire Station spokesman said.

"Do not use chip pans.

"We're really trying to get everyone to throw out their chip pans and stop using them – they're just so dangerous, and people don't need them.

"That's our motto to everybody we meet, really – do not use chip pans."