A MUCH-LOVED city pub looks set to reopen its doors under new management.

There was widespread disappointment when The Reiver on Holmrook Road in Yewdale, Carlisle closed its doors in January after its tennants decided to move on.

However, the pub, which is leased by Stars Bars and Pubs, could be set to reopen if new tennants can be found.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We intend to open The Reiver in the near future under temporary management while we identify a suitable person to take it on.”

And the well-known pub is up for grabs.

The company has fired the starting pistol on a recruitment campaign, saying: “The Reiver is a much-loved, very popular community pub.

“Anyone interested in running The Reiver should call our recruitment team on 08085949596.”

The lease company was not able to say when the pub was likely to reopen as it said: discussions were still in progress.

Many in the community were saddened by The Reiver’s closure earlier this year, including James Bainbridge, Morton West Carlisle City councillor.

Speaking of the Yewdale pub’s potential reopening, Councillor Bainbridge said: “I’m delighted to hear that the Reiver may have at last been sold and I have my fingers crossed that it will be completed soon.

“Since it closed about a year ago the visual impact of the closure has been of increasing concern to local residents."

He added: “My fellow councillors Stephen and Christine and myself often ended up in the Reiver after doing our ward work, and like a lot of residents we have missed being able to get a drink or a quick bite to eat there.

"I believe the Reiver was the last State Management Public House to be built in Carlisle, and I was genuinely concerned given the current situation in hospitality that it might never reopen. Hopefully if the sale is completed it will enable the area to be revitalised. I really look forward to meeting and working with the potential new owners.”

Jeannette Whalen, Carlisle City councillor for Sandsfield and Morton West said: “It would be a tremendous boost to the area, it was a focal point to local residents of Yewdale.

“Some people go in quite early on to have a chat and a catch up, it’s very welcome for it to be reopening."

Councillor Whalen added the she hoped the new owners would contribute to the community.

The councillors were in agreement that businesses reopening in the area was a source of hope.

Coun Whalen said: “It makes the community feel like it’s thriving, it’s good to have a facility that’s reopening again.”

She added that it was much-needed positive news during a challenging period.