A Whitehaven man who was prosecuted earlier this year for taking an axe and a Samurai sword to his ex-partner’s workplace has found himself back before a court.

Callum John Newton, 34, who was given a suspended nine-month jail sentence for that earlier offence, admitted causing criminal damage to somebody’s front door and doorbell in Whitehaven on July 26.

At the time, Carlisle Crown Court heard, he had the threat of a suspended jail sentence hanging over his head.

In court, defence barrister Jamie Baxter said the earlier offence involving the sword and the axe was committed against the background of a relationship breakdown.

“Mr Newton appears to have struggled with the breakdown of two close relationships,” said Mr Baxter.

The barrister said Newton had also suffered a number of bereavements, including the death of his father and the murder of his uncle, resulting in trauma and addiction.

“He appears now to have accepted some responsibility for his actions,” added the barrister.

“But he needs to develop better ways to control his temper. While his probation officer feels progress is being made, he believes there is significant work to be done.”

Judge David Potter told Newton, now of Casson Road, Workington: “On July 26 this year, you and an accomplice attacked a door and a door camera for reasons I simply have no understanding of.”

Despite the defendant putting himself in breach of a suspended jail term, the judge said it would be unjust to send him to prison for criminal damage.

“But this is your last chance, Callum Newton,” warned the judge. “Commit any further offence and I have no doubt that the suspended jail sentence will be activated.”

The judge imposed a three-month overnight curfew and ordered £120 compensation should be paid to the victim. The suspended jail term remains in place as before.

Newton committed the previous offence after his former partner ended their relationship because of the strain of his alcohol abuse, the court was told.

Unhappy with this, Newton made numerous calls to the woman, asking her to reconsider.