Penrith Mountain Team responded to three incidents in the past week.

On Wednesday, the Eden valley team were alerted after a couple had become lost in mist while walking along the Pennine Way from Dufton to Garrigill.

Becoming concerned, the couple phoned 999, then police alerted the Penrith team.

The couple were guided back to the path over the phone by team members, and told how to make use of their phone GPS app to establish an accurate grid reference.

Team members continued to check in on the couple every five minutes, until they had reached familiar territory.

On Sunday, the team was called to Catterlen, north west of Penrith, after a 55-year-old man had fallen off his mountain bike, injuring his shoulder.

A North West Ambulance Service paramedic was able to reach the man, but needed help from the mountain rescue team to evacuate him to the waiting ambulance. The man was stretchered to the ambulance, and taken to the Cumberland Infirmary for treatment.

The previous day, thirteen members of the Penrith team were called to the Barton Fell area after a 78-year-old man had slipped on wet rocks while crossing a small stream.

The man had injured his knee, and was unable to walk.

They evacuated him on a stretcher to a nearby road, where he was then taken to hospital by ambulance.