Documenting the best moments in life with a snap here and there is what we all love to do, and throwing in a chance to win something special is always a bonus.

The Cumberland is thrilled to have launched its latest online competition, finding out what makes life that bit brighter for everyone while offering a magical prize to the lucky winners.

Whether it's a picturesque scene in your home, a beautiful flower-flooded garden or a strip of stunning sea, all images are welcomed – with five prize bundles up for grabs.

And with treats including an overnight stay at the Gilpin Hotel, Windermere, and dinner at Spice Restaurant, a dinner for two with champagne at Cartmel's L'enclume, and a private garden party for five with the Tipsy Filly mobile bar, it's certainly not a competition to ignore.

Tom Little, campaign manager at The Cumberland, said: "We want to find out what makes life brighter for our customers and communities, and really showcase this.

"We're proud of our region, and the people in it, but we are keen to see what makes our customers happy as well.

"It's not just about stunning landscapes and scenery, but the smaller things that make a big difference, the community spirit, hidden gems – or just something in your garden that cheers you up."

He continued: "Every year we help people across the region and beyond get onto the property ladder, move home and improve their home, so it would be lovely to see how you have made your home your own as well.

"We'd love to share your home inspiration, family thank-yous, pets, and your favourite walks and scenery.

"This is your chance to spread a bit of positivity and showcase what makes you smile."

Already entered into the competition is Leigh-Ann Newburn, submitting a perfect picture of her nine-month-old tot, Maggie.

"If you'd have asked me before if my life could be much brighter I would have said 'not really'," she said.

"I was very happy and felt lucky to live where we do, have the job that I do and the friends and family that I have.

"Then along came Maggie and she has made my life so much brighter than I ever thought it could be!"

Lesley Cole, who submitted a picture of her four-legged friend on the fells, said: "I don't think this photo needs any words.

"Enjoying living in Cumbria with my best friend – how can it not make your life brighter?"

Among the various winners' bundles there are plenty of home and garden prizes, including unique pieces by Jo Vincent, Patience and Gough, The Pot Place, Cabbage and Curtainrail, as well as original artwork by Daniel Ibbotson and Kate Jacob.

Mr Little added: "The prizes are amazing, and have been carefully pulled together by local businesses into bundles that will improve your house and home.

"We know that many of you will have spent more time at home than usual this year, and hopefully the prize bundles will help you to brighten them up a little bit more. Thanks to all of the businesses that have given us an amazing prize bundle."

Other testaments to the contest come from entrants Calvin Thornborrow, Ann Alder, Crystal Morton and Josh Porter, which can be read below.

To enter, simply capture your brightest inspiration in a photo or video and fill in the form on The Cumberland's Brighter Banking website before the closing date on October 2.

For full details, visit

Entrants' comments –

Calvin Thornborrow said: "I'm submitting this photo I took at of the piers at Whitehaven harbour because as many others did, I found myself in some particularly dark places during lockdown.

"I'd always had a bit of an interest in photography but I'd never really spent time learning and practising enough, it always seemed like life got in the way."

He continued: "Going for walks on my own during lockdown, and taking my camera out with me was something that really helped me keep on top of my own mental health, and since then I've become quite focussed on turning something that is at the moment a hobby, into something I can do for a living."

Ann Alder said: "It's easy to become jaded as you get older and to focus on the problems and difficulties that life throws at you.

"In heavy Cumbrian thunderstorms, the garden flooded. It would have been easy to see mud and debris.

"But my not-quite-two-year-old granddaughter saw a lake that wasn't there the day before, sparkles on the water, tiny insects to study, ripples and splashes that created joy and laughter and offered the freedom to abandon clothes and shoes and seek out new sensations."

She added: "Looking at the world through her eyes, as she explores and learns and builds her relationship with the natural world, allows me to experience the brightness, joy and surprises that every day brings."

Crystal Morton said: "Spending time in the garden with my elderly mam always makes my day brighter.

"We have just emptied a huge shed that's now going to be taken away and we then have a massive garden space to do a lot of work to so she can have the room to safely enjoy it and have her garden back after 23 years – would love to be a winner so I could do this work for her."

Josh Porter said: "Freedom, peace, tranquillity. Bare minimalistic living. Away from technology and busy day to day life. Wild camping and hiking is that adventure/escape.

"I believe getting out in nature is important for your health and wellbeing."