A fire door manufacturer has developed a solution to make safety inspections faster and more accurate, in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Contactless Check Solutions, based in Maryport, has created a simple method to ensure fire doors comply with UK regulations.

It involves using a pin containing a unique identifier that is installed into a fire door.

The CCS fire inspection app installed on a smartphone or tablet is used to scan the pin and give the inspector access to the door’s manufacturing and maintenance history in real time.

The app will then prompt the inspector to complete a checklist with compulsory photos which automatically update the record stored on the cloud.

Building owners and managers will have quick and easy access to see a complete overview of all their fire door stock, site by site, floor by floor, using a simple traffic light system, and the history of each door.

The system is designed to make it easier for owners and managers to ensure compliance with UK regulations by establishing a consistent system for fire door inspection programmes, regardless of the type of building.

CCS is being supported by the Made Smarter North West adoption pilot, which is helping SME manufacturers to adopt digital technologies.

Managing director Andy Tyas said: “The fire safety industry is under intense scrutiny after Grenfell.

"The Government is looking closely at how and when fire doors are inspected, maintained and managed.

“The development of this project will benefit the people responsible for the building as well as the regulatory authority to ensure correct inspections are being carried out in accordance with building regs."

The Grenfell tragedy and the subsequent inquiry found issues in the way some high-rise residential buildings are built, managed, and looked after.

“Grenfell exposed some hard truths about fire door inspections and regulation, particularly the fact our industry had not moved on from using ineffective labels on doors,” Andy said.

“We saw an opportunity to use technology to solve these problems.”