Beer and good food is not all that is on the menu at The Grey Goat Inn at Baggrow.

New landlord and landlady Charles and Ainsley Wood, who have been at the Inn for 10 months, say they are quite happy to share their historic building with a number of spirits – and this is not just the alcoholic type.

They have evidence of ghostly activity at the pub, with reports of sightings as recently as three weeks ago.

Ainsley said: “We have lots of ghosts here, one was even playing pool. There was three of us after hours and we could hear balls from the pool table next door dropping into the pockets.”

They have often seen people coming down the stairs through their peripheral vision, with Charles and Ainsley thinking it is each other, until they realise their partner is close by, so can’t be them.

A full apparition in white was witnessed by three people in the bar. Ainsley said he was visible from head to toe, then completely vanished.

Perhaps the earthbound spirits are connected to an horrendous murder that happened nearby of a baby in 1854.

The inquest of the infanticide in Baggrow was held at The Grey Goat Inn and the event was recorded and is evident within the walls.

It tells the awful story of the baby being found dumped in a hedge in the area and the jury reaching the conclusion of wilful murder of the tiny infant.

Charles and Ainsley have had a metal detectorist in to help them research some of the history and he found coins dating back to 1771. This has inspired the pair to get the detectorist back and are looking to get an archaeologist in to investigate too.

The couple have used the coronavirus lockdown as an opportunity to completely redecorate the pub and to create a brand new beer garden.

There are now 14 tables and eight beer barrels to sit around in the beer garden.

On Thursdays the outside caterers Kohlrabi provide delicious meals between 6pm to 9pm. On the menu this week is Coq-au-vin with mashed potato and a veggie option of three-bean chilli. The choice changes weekly.

The Grey Goat is a central community pub serving Baggrow, Blennerhasset and surrounding areas and the regulars enjoy taking part in a darts and pool team.

They say their most popular drink is Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, but found the lack of beer being produced toward the end of lockdown as quite a challenge for the industry.

Being in such a rural setting, the pair are keen to avoid disturbing the surrounding animals. So to avoid upsetting the farm animals, they often use the village hall for social events and to provide entertainment.

Charles and Ainsley are unanimous that the best thing about running a pub is the people – and the worst thing is you can never switch off. Though they differ on the perfect cure for a hangover, with Ainsley recommending hair of the dog and Charles a Greggs’ cheese and onion pasty sandwich!