Mountain rescue volunteers were called to help a man who became paralysed by the exposure on a fell.

The Keswick team was called at around 2.30pm yesterday to a 46-year-old man on Cat Bells.

A spokesman said: "A 46 year-old-male and partner were on their way up Cat Bells and about to ascend the last rocky scramble before the summit.

"However he became paralysed by the exposure and was unable to continue up or down.

"With the possibility of a stretcher carry two vehicles left base for the foot of Cat Bells and the team made their way up in hot and humid conditions, accompanied by the ominous sound of thunder.

"The casualty was clearly in a bad way but could be walked off with the support of two team members.

"Fortunately the team and casualty party made it down before the heavens opened."

The team of 14 attended the incident for just under two hours.