The other day, an elderly woman tripped over the kerb.

I was some way down the road, and hastened my step slightly – but didn’t rush, as there were several other people in the vicinity.

And not one of them stopped.

They all gave her a wide berth – one teenager even muttered something about social distancing.

Lockdown brought out the best of people: we clapped the NHS, we shopped for neighbours and we all said nice things about everyone in our community.

And now the strict measures have eased it seems Covid-19 is no longer an excuse to return to the good old days of niceties and compassion. Now it is an excuse to be rude and introverted and ignore people.

I offered my arm to the lady who fell, steadying her as she was a little shaken up.

And then I offered her my hand sanitiser.

I helped and I was clean.

Please, let us not slip so easily back into those awful ways...

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