The University of Cumbria has responded, after being subject to a data breach in July.

On July 16, it was contacted by Blackbaud, one of the world’s largest providers of customer relationship management systems, informing the university of the breach.

A spokesman for the university said: “They informed us they had thwarted a ransomware attack in May 2020 but unfortunately the criminal extracted data which Blackbaud holds on our behalf.

“We take data protection very seriously and deeply regret that this data breach has occurred.

“We are sorry for any concern that this has caused.

“The Information Commissioner’s Office has been made aware of the breach and we have informed those affected.

“Blackbaud assures us that the data compromised in this breach did not contain any usernames or passwords, bank account or credit card information.

"No action is required by our alumni community at this time, although we recommend that everyone remains vigilant and reports any suspicious activity or suspected identify theft to relevant authorities.”