Workington's MP is due to speak to the defence Minister about ways to secure employment for veterans in the area.

Mark Jenkinson asked Johnny Mercer, who is responsible for armed forces, veterans and civilian people policy, what support was provided to veterans to find new employment during a discussion in Parliament this week.

Mr Jenkinson told the News & Star: "I've got quite an interest in supporting veterans to find new jobs as well as mental health support.

"We ask veterans to do a lot, we put them in some really awful positions and we need to be careful we don't throw them on the streets once they finish serving."

During the debate, Mr Mercer committed to a meeting with Mr Jenkinson to discuss options available to former servicemen in Workington.

Earlier this year, Mr Jenkinson visited Workington's Veterans Hub with Baroness Diana Barran, the civil service minister, and the MP said she was very impressed by it.

Mr Jenkinson added: "I wouldn't say there's a particular difficulty in Workington for veterans, it's across the country.

"It's about the full package of support, not just jobs.

"If you take someone out of a situation where they have had rigid structure, sometimes for in excess of 20 years, they will need support.

"The level of support we're giving is getting better, I know a number of veterans who have said to me the support has increased, but we can always get better.

"Johnny Mercer recognises that and he's prepared to have discussions and do what's necessary to support them in adjusting to civilian life and find gainful employment.

"What I will say is that veterans are a real asset to businesses, because they have so many skills.

"When they come into civilian life, we need to make sure we support that transition."

Replying to Mr Jenkinson's question in Parliament, Mr Mercer said: "I would be delighted to meet my hon. Friend to talk about the options available in his area.

"More money and more opportunities than ever before are going into veterans' employment.

"As I said earlier, it is the single biggest factor that improves the life chances of any veteran and their family. I am always looking to do more, and I am happy to meet my hon. Friend to go through what is available in his area."