A CHARITY shop is feeling happy now that some normality has returned following its reopening.

The Hospice at Home store on King Street Wigton has been working hard for the past three weeks making sure everything was in place and the shop was as safe as possible for both staff and customers before reopening.

Emma Oliver, the manager of the stores was finally able to reopen the store last Friday.

She has worked tirelessly for three weeks revamping the shop to make it safe for people following government guidance.

She explained: “It’s been hard work. Because of the age of most of our volunteers and the fact that a lot of them are shielding I’ve had to do all of the work myself.”

Following government guidelines, Emma has taken the store from two sales rooms to one.

As well as guaranteeing all stock for 72 hours before displaying it.

She also took the decision that it would only be herself that sorts the stock, as a way of protecting her staff.

“It’s been really hard,” continued Emma.

“It’s taken three weeks to get it all done but I feel really good about it. It’s good to see the local community that are so supportive of us.

“Lots of them become friends so it’s good to see them back here and see how they are.”

Hand sanitiser stations and gloves are available for customers at the door and it is currently limited to two people in store at one.

Volunteers are also behind protective screens and the 2m rules is expected to be adhered to at all times.

Dawson and Sanderson, Carlisle has kindly donated large umbrellas for customers to use when having to wait outside in the rain.

Emma would also like to thank Cumbria Storage Solutions for its donation of a temporary storage unit which helps the shop to manage donations through this unprecedented time.

Without it, the shop wouldn’t be able to take as many donations as what it has.