A WHITEHAVEN man has been banned from contacting his partner for 28 days after a court was told that a knife was “held to her throat” as she made a 999 call.

Chance Watson, 35, failed to turn up at Carlisle’s Rickergate Magistrates’ Court to oppose the police application for a domestic violence protection order, which the court approved.

Detective Constable Kathryn Chestney outlined why police wanted the order, saying officers felt it was necessary to protect the 24-year-old woman.

They believed she had been subjected to violence and threats by Watson, said the officer.

In the last eight months, there had been five reports from the woman’s home in Cambridge Street, Hensingham, of domestic incidents.

Three resulted in a crime being recorded.

“On each occasion, he was the aggressor,” said DC Chestney.

The officer outlined the latest report of trouble at the woman’s Hensingham home on July 4.

As the 999 call was made, the call handler heard a male voice shouting and a female voice asking for the police.

“She was initially unwilling to talk to the police,” said the officer, referring to Watson’s partner. Both parties had been drinking and it was claimed a knife was held to her throat as she called the police.

The woman spoke to the police about previous violence, including an incident when she stabbed Watson after he broke her nose, locked her in the house and “dragged her around,” the court heard.

She said he controlled her life, stopping her having social contact with friends.

“But she’s not supported a prosecution,” said DC Chestney.

When interviewed by the police, he remained silent. Neighbours had not wanted to get involved.

DC Chestney said police believed the woman was at risk in a “volatile” relationship.

“This violence could escalate further,” she added. Magistrates granted the order.

Its conditions include a ban on Watson even entering Cambridge Street in Hensingham for 28 days.

In order to approve the order, magistrates must believe “on the balance of probabilities” the defendant used or threatened violence against the woman and an order is necessary to protect her.

The aim is give both parties breathing space in which they can seek the support of relevant agencies.