A new bar and bistro has finally opened its doors to customers after the coronavirus lockdown prevented it from opening three months ago.

No.38 Bistro and Bar on Lowther Street in Carlisle city centre was due to open in April after months of preparation by local owner Rachael Ingledow and her partner.

They had been working to open their doors when they had their dreams shattered by the coronavirus lockdown in March, which brought enforced closures to bars and restaurants.

“We were ready and then the lockdown happened and we were in trouble,” explained 27-year-old Rachael.

“It was very frustrating.”

On Saturday the eatery opened for the very first time.

“It was great. It’s something we’ve wanted for quite a long time, but we’ve never had the money to go for it,” said Rachael.

“It took a long time for it to be set up. We’ve had help from friends and family to get it up and running.”

There is something quite different about the bistro and bar, which is located across the road from Coco Mill.

“Everything is gluten free. Not many places offer a lot of gluten free options,” continued Rachael.

“There’s not much choice for those with gluten free, so we wanted to give people that option.

“A lot of people are gluten free and when they go to a restaurant, there isn’t much choice for them.”

Opening hours are 11am until 9pm Tuesday to Sunday, offering both lunch and dinner.

Not only has the coronavirus pandemic delayed their opening, it has also put breaks on their plans to serve alcohol.

“We couldn’t do anything during the lockdown to get our alcohol licence, because they are not accepting many applications at the present moment.

“We are hoping we’ll have it by Christmas.”

The establishment currently employs five full-time staff.

Despite only opening on Saturday, Rachael is already looking to the future.

“We are going to do theme nights and we are hoping to get quite a lot of visitors before Christmas, with parties and stuff like that.”