A huge steam train which is due to be turned into a cafe will be moved this weekend.

Di and Simon Parums are currently working on turning the site of the former Bassenthwaite Lake Station into a cafe by restoring the buildings.

Last year they introduced a full-size replica of a French SNCF Class 241 train at the site.

And this weekend it will be moved by seven metres.

Di said: "It's moving forward as it wasn't in the correct position, it will be pulled forward on a track which needs to be lengthened.

"It's a big job for us, but not for the specialists who are coming to do it, it could take most of the day on Saturday and Sunday."

The couple have continued to work on the site during lockdown, however they will no longer be able to open in October, as initially hoped.

Di said: "We've worked throughout the lockdown but we struggled to get a few materials and things were generally slowed down a bit.

"We definitely won't be open in October but we're hoping for Easter.

"The work done so far is very visible now, we have a roof on the station building and there's no scaffolding up anymore."

Di and Simon want to restore the site exactly as it was before it shut following the Beeching report in 1966.

The café will be fully accessible for disabled people, with disabled changing places and showers as well as a path to walk along the surviving track bed.

They are also hoping to turn one of the buildings into an observatory, however they won't know the outcome of a grant application for the project until around September.

The train they placed by the A66 is the one used as the set of the film Murder On The Orient Express film.

The train includes a buffet carriage, a baggage one and a carriage which will be used for staff and as storage.