Unseen letters, revealing how Beatrix Potter desired to help her local community, have been bought at auction.

The Beatrix Potter Society, which aims to promote the study and appreciation of the life and works of Beatrix Potter, bought the three letters at auction last week.

Written between 1937 and 1943, two of the letters shed light on ‘Mrs Heelis’ (nee Potter) in the community and her involvement in the local district nursing arrangements.

The letter dated 1943 shows Beatrix’s reflections on the rationing of petrol during World War Two and her thoughts on essential journeys for nurses as opposed to ‘unreasonable’ daily journeys to school by local children in taxis.

“We have a constant eye on sales in the auction rooms, we look to own anything from Beatrix’s life if we can,as you can imagine when they come up they attract huge interest,” said Carol Ward, The Beatrix Potter Society’s marketing manager.

“These were of particular interest because they’d never been auctioned before, they came from the recipient’s family.”

The letters were sent to Katherine Brooke, in Gloucestershire. Mrs Brooke first met Beatrix after her and her husband bought a house in Ambleside.

Mrs Brooke had volunteered at a hospital in France during World War One.

“She said one day that Beatrix pulled up outside the house in a car, got out and said ‘I’m creating a district nursing organisation in Hawkshead and you’re going to lead it’,” said Ms Ward.

“Mrs Brooke said she was nervous but she declined, Mrs Heelis was having none of it and she became the secretary for Beatrix’s nursing group.

“Katherine Brooke spoke of her enormous respect and admiration for Beatrix Potter’s sharp intellect and knowledge, saying ‘she was an extraordinary person’ with a ‘marvellous brain’.”

The society has various assets from Beatrix Potter’s life, some of which are held at the Victoria and Albert Museum, as well as the National Trust.

For full access to archives and information on the author’s life, Ms Ward advised becoming a society member.

"A call for anyone who wishes to know more about Beatrix Potter,” she said.

For more information on Beatrix Potter and how to become a member visit www.beatrixpottersociety.org.uk