A WEST Cumbrian village is preparing to celebrate the NHS's 72nd birthday.

Seaton parish councillor Ken Slone has been busy decorating the village for the occasion, which will culminate with residents standing on their step and clapping to celebrate.

He said: "It's just to say a big thank you to the NHS.

"The celebrations on Sunday are happening right through the country and on behalf of the parish council I organised the decorations in the village.

"We've got bunting and flags up by the shops, a few of us are meeting outside the shops at 5pm to clap and we have one or two nurses and some porters coming with their uniforms too."

Nationally, a number of special thank you templates have been designed and the Cumbrian NHS trust is encouraging people to download their favourite one, colour it in, and add the name of the person they’d like to say thank you to.

To find the templates visit: https://together.org.uk/