A devoted couple are celebrating their 67th wedding anniversary after meeting for the first time on a summer holiday.

James and Catherine Curr of Wigton. known to family and friends as Jim and Kitty, were married on June 30, 1953 and have spent a lifetime raising their family.

A one-way ticket to happiness, the couple met for the first time in 1937 when Kitty came from Glasgow with her family for a summer holiday to stay with Jim and his family at Whitrigg. They visited again the year after.

They didn’t meet again for about seven years until Kitty and her family returned for a holiday, this time to Height Farm where Jim now lived.

Kitty and her brother Jack came each year for a summer holiday and that is when the romance blossomed.

They would only meet twice a year for the summer and winter holidays, but did not let that stop their romance as they would continue to write to each other and took it in turns to call each other every Tuesday night at 7pm.

Jim would collect Kitty from Carlisle railway station and take her back to the station after her holiday.

Sixty-seven years later, at the age of 91 and 92, their love is still going strong and they celebrated their anniversary on Tuesday. After getting married, Jim and Kitty lived on a farm at Isel before moving to Maryport and running a garden centre before retiring and moving back to Wigton.

Jim and Kitty have seven children, 19 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren.

Lockdown has meant that any form of normal celebrations have not been able to take place, but that hasn’t stopped Jim and Kitty’s family from trying.Their granddaughter, Amanda Gatherer took them a VE Day afternoon tea last month and had some socially distanced celebrations and, on Tuesday, the day of their anniversary, some of the family made a celebratory afternoon tea.

The family is one that likes to get together, so this would have definitely been one worth celebrating. Jim was just reminiscing about his 50th anniversary and looking through old pictures of family celebrations from the day. The family hopes to get together when lockdown restrictions ease even more.

The family knows it cannot let this special occasion pass without throwing some sort of party.

Family barbecues are its favoured choice and as soon as the weather gets better you can guarantee it will be throwing one.

Jim and Kitty’s family would like to wish them a happy anniversary and, as soon as things as back to normal, it is looking forward celebrating.