FOR THE last month, a group of community focused people have been running or cycling 10km every day to raise money for 10 local charities.

The group has now raised more than £8,300 for the charities, and the figure continues to grow.

The aim of the fundraiser was to generate funds for charities that supported local people in a wide variety of areas in a bid to combat poverty.

Ally Duncan, from Carlisle, said: “I just feel that in this day and age, nobody should have to suffer any kind of poverty at all whether that is food, sanitary products, but also for support for mental health, bullying.

“I think all the people that we’re doing it for are locally based and need the support because they get no other funding from anywhere really.”

There is a sense of camaraderie between the group which has found it to be an overwhelmingly positive experience.

“It’s been amazing the fact that I have met everybody,” said Emma Lindsay from Carlisle.

“It feels like we are like a little running family now, we have all said it’s going to be quite strange after this because we message each other everyday and give each other little pep talks.”

Members of the group would each take something different away from the experience but there was an overarching sense of pride in doing something to support the city.

“The fact that you have done something that is going to help people who don’t know you but you’ve actually left a legacy across the city,” said Jennifer Moody, from Carlisle.