Nominations continue to roll in for our Person of the Week, the News & Star feature which each week shines a spotlight on someone who has achieved something special.

That might be a milestone in their career, selfless service to the community, or just recognition for a simply amazing person who you think deserves applause.

Nominated this week are Suzanne Kelsey, Colin Glover and Les Tickner for the work they have been doing to help through the covid-19 pandemic

Some volunteers are quite visible in their work for the community response, others are never seen as they are working quietly in the background some of these people are shielding.

But, their work is no less valued as they are giving a great deal of time and energy.

A spokesman for the community group said: "If anyone has called the Carlisle Covid-19 Community Help group’s phone number, it will have been Colin Glover they have spoken to.

"He is the first point of contact for those ringing for help.

"Mr Glover has listened to and offered our help to hundreds of Carlisle residents who have called for support during the pandemic.

"Colin passes on details to the rest of the team who send out emergency food parcels or arrange shopping and prescription deliveries.

"Some of our volunteers are shielding, but the fact they are unable to leave their homes hasn’t stopped them from offering time to help others.

"Suzanne Kelsey is one such volunteer, shielding since the start of the outbreak due to her own health issues, she has been a stalwart supporter of the community effort as she has kept up weekly phone calls with those who have needed a bit of support in the crisis.

"Many people living alone have experienced a great deal of isolation and anxiety, and Suzanne has been a friendly voice ringing up for a chat and keeping up the spirits of people who have found things challenging.

"Les Tickner is another member of the admin team at the community group.

"Mr Tickner has worked on the group’s accounts and finances and given expert help with funding bids."

Suzanne said, ‘At a time of major crisis it is always good to help each other. I would have loved to have helped delivering food etc., but due to my own health, I am having to self-isolate. I welcomed the opportunity though, to be a telephone support volunteer for them. I have had some counsellor training in the past which I could put to good use. We may be far apart from each other, but our humanity can keep us close.

A spokesperson for the group said, ‘We had to persuade Colin and Les to let us put forward this nomination, as are each very modest about their contributions. However, we feel strongly that their work should be acknowledged as we could not manage without their daily input. They are central to the work of the group and have given enormous amounts of time and experience.’