THE NSPCC is hosting a virtual bluebell walk on Sunday to raise money for Childline as it is unable to do the annual fundraiser in person.

People who are missing out on the Rannerdale bluebells can get their bluebell fix with a tour of the grounds of Ratcheugh Crag in Northumberland.

The event includes a walk through the bluebells and a talk by archivist Christ Hunwick.

Katy Carmen, supporting fundraising manager for the NSPCC, said: “This is a really difficult time for the NSPCC, as many of the events which have been planned months in advance have had to be cancelled.

“That’s why we’re so fortunate that the Alnwick Committee have stepped up and decided to try something new with their celebrated Bluebell Walk, meaning we can continue to support children with the funds raised.”

View the event on the NSPCC Bluebell Walk Facebook page.