A 34-year-old personal trainer has been making the best of a bad situation by providing online classes for his clients.

Ben Hale, from Wigton makes it his mission to help busy dads lose weight and get in shape with a unique 12-week programme, while also delivering exercise classes at Wigton Rugby Club – all of which has now moved to an online platform.

Mr Hale explained: “This has given me the opportunity to give something back to the community by putting on a daily exercise class free of charge to anyone who wishes to join.

“You can gain access to these at my Facebook page, Ben Hale PT or find the same name on Instagram. Lockdown has also given me the opportunity to launch my new 12-week programme and concentrate on my niche, which is busy dads losing weight and getting in shape.”

Mr Hale has been working with his clients over Zoom for personal training sessions and sending them workouts and meal plans to suit them with whatever equipment they have available at home.

Since starting the online sessions it has been very well received, he said.

Mr Hale continued: “My clients all have families and are happy to be seeing great results while spending more time at home with their family, some of my clients’ children often get involved in the workouts which is absolutely fine.

“The daily group exercise classes have been great. I have learnt a great deal in a short space of time and feel my experience has taken me to a better level.

“The one-to-one classes are also brilliant. There’s a huge satisfaction in delivering a structured workout and getting great feedback and results from the clients when it’s over.

“I’m also within the niche being a busy dad and love fitness, so I can totally relate to the clients.”

Mr Hale, who is married with two children, makes time for his clients while also working at Innovia Films in Wigton. He loves fitness and his sport of choice is the Ironman triathlon.