KEY WORKERS in Cumbria this moment is for you.

Your community salutes you for the tireless and selfless work you have been doing to keep the county moving during this unprecedented coronavirus pandemic.

Here at Newsquest Cumbria, the parent company of The Mail, the News and Star, The Westmorland Gazette, The Cumberland News, the Times and Star and The Whitehaven News, we wanted to do something special to show key workers our community’s heartfelt thanks and support during this difficult time.

We asked our readers to nominate their heroes. And they did it in their droves.

Thousands of key workers from nurses and doctors, NHS staff, firefighters, post workers, paramedics, teachers, care workers, supermarket staff, food bank staff, journalists, bus drivers, charity volunteers and the many others who have gone above and beyond with little thought of their own safety - we thank you.

This 48-page supplement includes a roll call of Cumbria’s key workers as well as walls of fame for the superheroes amongst us.

Vanessa Sims, regional group editor of Newsquest Cumbria, said: “These special editions of our titles are dedicated to all the amazing frontline staff whose fantastic efforts have been second to none.

“Without the selfless dedication of these key workers we could have lost even more of the people we hold close to us.

“Our communities are in awe of these fantastic people and jumped at the chance to be able to thank their local heroes by nominating them for this special supplement.

“All those people who have been forced to live apart from their loved ones or worked around the clock to ensure our safety and to help provide the much needed frontline specialist care we could not have done without - please hear our thanks in this moment of reflection - you really are our heroes.”

Coronavirus has spread around the world and seen whole countries reduced to their knees overnight. The UK is in its seventh week on lockdown with no end in sight.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson proved that even those in positions of power are not immune from the virus and been struck down himself. However hope is now on the horizon, as other countries infected by the pandemic earlier than the UK have started to relax their own lockdown rules in a move towards normality. One positive thing we will be able to take away from this outbreak is that the community spirit and resilience that makes Cumbria unique is as strong as it has ever been.

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And now, the moment that you have all been waiting for - the names of all of your community heroes:

Joanne Stanway, Ashley Carswell, Tasha Brown, Barrow Ambulance Station, Leanne McMillan, Alison Quinn, Jody McDonald, William Meadowcroft, Chris Williams, Olivia Kell, Annabelle Cottam, Traci Leeder, Lauren Cairns, Abby Neal, Rachel Harvey, Hollie Gilbride, Ann Morrow, Emma Neal, Jill Gibson, Michael Cassells, Chris Adams, Helen Beech, Kath Threlkeld, Dennis Laird, Keiron Hart, Danielle Finlayson, Ellie Hendley, Paul O’Connor, Glen Turner, Dayle Arked, Vicky Hazlett, Sarah Corkill, Paula Wilson, Melanie Richardson, Suzanne Shannon, Chloe Morris, Dalton St Mary’s Primary School, Kay Sutherland, Alison McGuirk, Sophie Shannon, Diane Sear, Lottie Clay, Amy Johnson, Sommer Edwards, Gillian Jeffrey, Amanda Sheppard, Jasmine Tshouadeu, Gemma O’Halloran, James Scott, Helen Barker, Sarah Richardson, Julia Edmondson, Suzanne Belbin, Rita Butler, Katie Gaskell, David Cowperthwaire, Faye Stephenson, Lisa Cavanagh, Jayne Milani, Barbara Shand, Juliet Slater, Amanda Studley, Hayley Mackey, Yvonne Linton, Liam McClure, Kathryn Bellamy, Sharon Grainger, Marilyn Dacre, Cheryl Price, Ann-Marie White, Sharon Park, Karen Bolam, Jenny Davico, Linda Woodcock, Amanda Rodger, Allyn Dow, Emma White, FGH Oncology Unit, Ormsgill Nursery and Primary School, Hayley McNulty, Deborah Hall, Debra Cowperthwaite, Lindsay Satterthwaite, Tracy Coward, Kerry Murphy, Vale House, Caroline Bonner, Nina Lockrie, Chloe Peters, Lauren Proctor, staff at Walney school, Gemma Hyde, FGH Theatre Team, Hannah Hill, Emma Wilkinson, Sharon Millington, Barbara Johnson, FGH Acute Medical Unit, Gary Parsons, Louis Parsons, Anne Armstrong, Rebecca Hamilton, Colin Horne, Laura Horne, Nikki Flannery, Charly Posnett, Katie Benzie, Sue Campbell, Margaret Dart, Paula Porritt, Christian Porritt, Emily Shields, Ebony Rattray, Alisya Wakefield, Stacey Williams, Mandy Williams, Joanne Thompson, David Holmes, Vickerstown Primary School, Jo-anne Moser, Frances Bilton, Dawn Denby, Jeffrey Jose Hipolito, Aimee Anne Springthorpe, Amy Raine Benson, Rebecca Richards, Courtney Leigh Gellately, Emily Devitt, Ailsa Howitt, Jax Wilson, Faye Moorby, Kaitlyn Young, Carlie Bamber, Sam Kate Butler, Jasmine Hamilton, Ashleigh Hilton, Kim Stanaway, Jonathan Duckworth, Cumbria County Council, Elaine Wilson, Dawn Nicholson, Christine Wall, Louise Bland, Barrow Borough Council, Caroline Smith, Maxine Baron, Marcus Baron, Katie-Ann Swarbrick, Heather Wright, Copeland Borough Council, Chris Bannerman, Helen Waite, Chloe Morris, Hayley McGoldrick, Jon Titmas, Sue Bailey, Ovi Camaras, Jenny McDowell, Yasmin Phillips, Debbie Anderson, Grace Hughes, Michelle Andrews, Natalie Hibbert, Tina Thompson, Amy Morris, Angela kyriacou, Caitlyn Thompson, Biff Repton, Emma Cross, Lianne Mickle, Lisa Snow, Louise Herbert, Maria Townson, Natasha Lee, Olivia Hitchen, Rachael Farren, Rick Kemp, Sian Fitzgibbons, Helen Throburn, Julie Redhead, Sam Sharples, Carol Clark, Copeland Borough Council, Eve Griffiths, Caroline KirkIan Marvin, Denise Sams, Diane Rose, Gail Moonan, Chelsea Kyriacou-Hibbert, Hannah Wheeler, Sue Smith, Hazel Denman, Janice Young, Mark Kendall, Colette Hibbert, Julie Marklew, Steven Hibbert, Craig Davies, Robin Gregory, Chloe Gavin, Anne Marie Clark, Margaret Smilie, Ellena Johnson, Chloe Forsyth, Louise Sharp, Louise Hartle, Amanda Gallagher, Karen Sykes, Lisa Smith, Jennifer McBain, Paige Storey, Molly Marsden, Helen Fleming, Nina Chapman, Chris Earley, Wendy Steele, Clint Mackenzie, Marie Miles, Emma Fleming, Julie Kendall, Steph McGill, Rebecca Sheldon, Abbie Robinson, Steven Coulter, Jennifer Culley, Wendy Cottam, Sue Knight, Ellen Bayliff, Janice Knowles, David Cairns, Cartmel Grange Nursing Home, Lisa Dixon, Helen Murphy, Heather Parkin, Karen Davis, Shehz Abdulla, Edward Stanton, Ola Yahaya, Highways England, Daniel Fishwick, Louise Downing, Kimberley Griffiths, James Watson, Samantha English, Andrew May, Suzanne Shannon, Sophie Shannon, Simon Guest, Margaret Andrews, Adele Smith, Terrie Fretwell, Jamie Handcock, Karen Davies, Lindsey Ayling, Jasmine Fretwell, Rebecca Flatt, Alex Amacna, Gemma Spurr, Steph Shields, Nicola Burns, Lesley Williams, Nicole Barker, Fern Martin, Jax McLaughlan, Charlotte McDowell, Emily Dooley, Emilie Taylor, Keith Day, Heather Wright, Peter Steel, Jess Greenway, Amanda Sharp, Emily Devitt, Faye Moorby, Maxine Walsh, Janet Bleasdale, Bernadette Horan, Teresa Harris, Teresa Watson, Margaret Batty, John O’Neill, Jess Millburn, Jude James, Ange Maguire, Lynn Proctor, Pippa Whitehead, Nicola Morris, Sue Hamilton, Ann Hornby, Anne Brown, Paul Douglas, Paul Corbett, Tracey Latham, Ruth Howson, Andrew Blezard, Steven Blezard, Aydin Saraldi, Stephen Raven, Jane Tomkins, Courtney Rowe, Steph Goodger, Emily Dooley, Chad Shearman, Gabby Dawes, Helen Walker, Helen Williams, Jane Eccles, Louise Askew, Adelle Kirby, Joanne Fisher, Jan Marshall, Kathleen Bird, Michelle Moore, Carol Clarke Lewis, Tianna Hammond, Donna Shuttleworth, Donna Fredericks, Janine Lewney, Julie Dixon, Simon Lefever, Chloe Nelson, Bryony Davis, Karen Preston, Solveigh Hunt, Nicola Wren, Amanda Taylor, Ashley Hindmarsh, Linda King, Jacqueline Hinchley, Joe Comish, Joe Corrence, Samantha Lacey, Nicola Mulroy, Sharon Rocks,Tracy Dodgson, Victoria Chesher, Shelley Gibirdi, Lisa Martin, Emma Smith, Kirsty Temple, Becca Gee, Chloe Charles, Shannon Loughlin, Shona O’Neill, Charlotte Copeland, Rhianna Tyson, Tracey Cooper, Farrah Gill, Georgia Hayman, Hayley McNulty, Alli Rutter, Beth Rootham, Natalyia Smith, Leanne Mattimore, Simon Crompton, Chloe Delves, Kirsty Fermoyle, Haverigg Prison inmates who are making face masks, Dawn Littlehales, Olivia Kell, Rebecca Richards, Chloe Austin, Emily Devvit, Ella Beach, Lauren Proctor, Staff at St Mary’s Hospice Wellness Centre, Beth Newby, Sharon Marie Thompson, Jade Walton, Michelle Pascoe, Di Whiteside, Sandra Jack, Rachel Moss, Cartmel Dairy, Beth Newby, Julie Boyes, Amber Gillespie, Phobe Taylor, Charlotte Sheppard, Jacquei Sommerville, Julia Edmondson, Helen Barker, Sarah Richardson, Sophie Lewthwaite, Jenna Calldine, Dixie Gonzales Go, Molly Osborne, Paula Porritt, Bindu Shibu, Elaine Hunter, Ostley House, Kathryn Harvey, Lisa Mcknight, Lorraine Weaver, Angela Evans, Karen Shaw, Gillian Dyke, Vanessa Sadler, Rebecca Pugh, Olinka James, Heather McCready, Anna Sequeria, Laura Poole, Elizabeth Atkinson, Moyra Buttery, Lindsey Wilcox, Amy Boon, Sally Cowell, Alison Wall, Colin Gill, Cheryl Hamblin, Chloe Conroy, Steven Waterson, Danny Leigh, Jasmine Gray, Danielle Reynolds, Leah Schofield, Cameron, Louisa Warner, Lisa Robinson, Mags Beddoes, Gordon Donaldson, Yazmin Cook, Rebecca Brockbanks, Rebecca Armstrong, Louise Shields, Kev Nicholson, Julie Whitelock, Danielle Ellis, Faye Cairns, Gillian Lawrence, Diane Creegan, Rachel Widnall, Rachael Shephard, Rosie Pyrah, Caroline Cartmel, Dawn Darby, Laura Ducie, Stephanie Leadbetter, Alison Peel, Leanne Jackson, Rebecca Ponsonby, Tracey Holden, Joy Thompson, Vicky Ducie, Courtney Mallinson, Harry Bolton, ICU staff at FGH, Tasha Bailiff, Libby Mellor, Olivia Hitchen, Anita Walls, Richard Hill, Lisa Hock, Caroline Bonner, Emily Johnstone, Chloe Peters, Karen Boast, Jeanette Garside, Sally Denton, Alex Bailey, Nicola Taylor, Barrow Sixth Form tutor Steve Buckley, Steph Goodger, Sophie Hotchkiss, Ella Wadiun, Damien Lippitt, Vicki Stockton, Antonia Berry, Ash Low, Megan Wood, Sophie Pearson, Stacey Burns, Donna Hutchinson, Natalie Raven, Jane Trelore, Claire Johnston, Lynne Dempsey, Georgia Woodward, Andy Dawson, Kayleigh Park, Carol Almond, Kimberley Beattie, Claire Larson, Age UK Barrow, Elaine Townson, Gaynor Crosby, Jules Hockaday, Kelsie Birch, Emcor cleaners at BAE, Danni Gennings, Jackie Johnson, Suzanne Phizacklea, Julie Frederick, Karen Forster, Janet Dale, Helen Postlethwaite, Kera Forster, Sammy Jessiman, Michelle O’Neill, Susan Kirby, Laura Rawlinson, Kerry Huddelston, Marie Dewey, Sophie Turnough, Melanie Richardson, Mrs Leahy at Vickerstown School, Karen Snaith, Jennifer Kneel, Rebecca Tyson, Anita Lewis, Jack Seeman, Dean Forster, Tim Beard, Heather Flaherty, Mark Richman, Eugene Farr, Patricia Andrews’ post lady, BAE security guards, Adele Smith, Dean Morgan, Karen Johnson, Lisa Crawford, Lea Marie Booth, Beth Paisley, Sandy Barker, Leigh Bianchi, Coby Leigh May, Jean Harris, Julia Battersby, Jill Breach, Becky Douglas, Daniel Bamber, Chantell Peart, Courtney Leigh, Caitlin Tilburn, Lucy Corner, Christina Ross, Carmel Burns, Donna Zaccarini, Dion Molyneux, Deb Searle, Damo White, JenJen Dockerty, Kirsty Dent, Joanne Doherty, Tracy Davis, Elaine Townson, Zoe Grierson, Julie Carole Gibney, Tracy Jones, Jacky Took, Tracy Swindells, Laura Tyson, Natasha Ireland, Jacqui Shuttleworth, Joanne McDougall, Janet Russell, Marge Lakeland Care, Tami Wilkes, Toby Riddick, Stacey Lippitt, Lucy Pye, Angela Wilson, Michelle Williamson, Paul Gibson, Dawn Green, John Marc Cook, Yazmin Sarah Cook, Christine Wall, Dawn Nicholson, Shelby Fawcett, Nicola Henry, Nikki Flannery, Rach Howarth, Ange Carter, Ben Boardman, Nicola Shaw, Michelle Ritchie, Becky Stretch, Ryan Wheatman, Lorna Hamilton, Lisa Cunninghame, Jodiann Wilson, Dawn Thomas, Virginia Richmond, Becca Harrison Susan Harrison, Sophie Singleton, Lisa Cunninghame, Lisa Birkett, Jodiann Wilson, Danea Wheatman, Andrea Kenny, Lisa Cavanagh, Jayne Milani, Barbara Shand, Juliet Slater and the staff at M & S, Amelia Larsen, Cheryl Hamblin, Ellie Louisa Baxendale, Ellie Mia Mcalinden, Nicola Mclauchlan, Dawn Green, Carolyn Brumbly,Lisa Jane Senogles, Tracy Ormandy, Paige Mcalinden, Ty Maddie, Louise Bland, Dawn Nicholson, Christine Wall, Helen Barker, Tesco dot com team, Eleanor Payne, Christine Barnes, Lakeland Care, Early News Walney, Michelle Hardie, Dean Sherwood, Diane Christian, Angela Thomason, Sam Lacey, Cliff Robson, Team Mill Lane, Team Tarn House, Thera North, Dr Isabel O’Donovan, Dr Abha Gupta, Nicola Burns, Lesley Williams, Joanne Birkett, Rihanna Steele, Trish Cassidy, Alec Proffit, Tracey Ingham, Morgan-Leigh Doherty, Maxine Baron, Paul Williams, Vicky Turner, Gillian Mccartan, Elisabeth Shaw, Kay Campbell, Jackie Brooks, Staff at Park View Gardens, Linda Creighton, David Kenrick, Catherine Capstick, Mia Hampson, Nicola Askew, Rosie Carruthers, Sharon Baker, Sandra Rae, Anita Lewis, Donna Dooley, Mandie Parker, Lisa Knowles, Emma Smyth, Adele Johnson, Ashley Low, Antonia Berry, Kimberley Beattie, Andy Dawson, Carol Almond, Lynn Dempsey, Natalie Raven, Tiffany Spiers, Jasmin Henderson, Jane Trelore, Clare Larson, Vikki Stockton, Megan Wood, Rachael Millington, Natalie Millington, Sarah Hardman, Nicola Alexander, Ashleigh Smith, Emily Gibney, Jessica Callister, Tracy Hill, Helen Barnard,  Daniel Wassell, Gillian Lawrence, Mags Beddoes, Rachael Windall, Rebecca Brockbanks, Beckie Armstrong, Yazmin Sarah Cook, Faye Louise Cairns, Dawn Darby, Diane Creegan, Kev Nicholson, Rachael Shephard, Ro Pyrah, Louise Shields, Jules Whitelock, Danielle Ellis, Gordon Donaldson, Caroline Cartmel, Tracey Light, Linda McBryde, Kirsty Leeder, Connie Lang, Matthew Gibson, all of the team at Ramsden Robins including Clare Johnson, Valerie Maliqi, Livvy Pattinson, Jess Johnson, Shannon Curwen and Luce Armstrong, Marianne Livesey, Lynn Buttress, Tracy Martin, Hayley Turner, Les Dooley, Barry Readhead, Tracey Greenhow, Dawn Armstrong, Lisa Morris, Joyce Pollock, Deena Mcintee, Angela Macdonald, Ann Shepherd, Emily Culley, Jayne Round, Claire Bottomley, Yvonne McGrath, Jade Murphy, Phil Green, James Parrimore, Kate Benson, Kerry Whitehouse, Jemma Bayes, Alex Bailey, Peter Koth, Emily Carr, Charlene Meadowcroft, David Holmes, Vickerstown Primary School staff, Kevin McGoldrick, Steve Jefferson, St Pius staff, Chetwynde School staff, Martina Bickerdike, Megan Fowler, Furness Rapid Response Team, Rebecca Malone, Karen Donnan, Darren Snow, Natasha Lee, Sharon Tranter, Katy Costa, Amanda Bradley, Beckie Ripley, Alison Widnall, Sarah Cruse, India Wood, Rebekah Grisedale, Melissa Hutchinson, Chris Peifer, Sarah Bridges, Angela Lace, Sarah Metcalfe, Margaret McLeish, Charlotte Gibson, Sophie Etheridge, Roxanne Ward, Linda Purcel-Genc, Julia Alcide, Bethan McKenna, Amber Chelton, Evie Steele, Melissa Lacey, Brogan Gleaves, Charlotte Brown, Jess Milburn, Stacey Needham, Georgia Singleton, Julie Ross, Leesa Tranter, Andrea Calvert, Kelly Conner, Michelle Comish, Jan Burns, Julie Riley, Sophie Leigh, Maddie Lauder, Naomi Thompson, Julie Kelly, Alysha Moncur, Lindsey Pedley, Ann Holmes, Kirsten Edmondson, Tracy Ivison, Stacey Wakeman, Denise Smith, Sue Mullen, Natalie Beckman, Molly Osborne, Tracy Goodlad, Jasmine Fretwell, Sarah Jayne, Charlotte Seeds, Dominic Hurst, Ruth Hannaway, Jessica Doyle, Sally Underwood, Danielle Spiers, Sarah Stewart, Beverley Atkinson, Debbie Postlethwaite, Kelsi Johnson, Rachel Smith, Ayse Purcell, Nichola Gardner, Belinda Carter, Sophie Cummins, Naomi Harvey, Kate McGerty, Laura Morrow, Sue Snow, Hannah Burton, Daniel Rodden, Sherry Hatton, Cheryl Burns, Dawn Brogan, Maria Backen, Leanne Sandham, Nancy Broadley, Angie Hudson, Stacey Burns, Tracy Storey, Diane Deakin, Sarah Seward, Cheryl Martin, Hannah Lightfoot, Donna Gardner, Cara Johnston, Cathy Rawlings, Natasha Mcateer, Kelsey Bak, Emily Shields, Emma Park, Jenny Faragher, Victoria Singleton, Sharon Gaskell, Lianne Mather, Kylie McKenna, Gillian Mccarten, Jillian Callow, Rachael Johnson, Kerry Murphy, Jo Hallet, Bethan Mckenna, Jenny Yates, Lauren Toman, Shel Stanford, Vicki Bradley, Carly Golbourn, Carlene Waugh, Jackie Pennington, Zoe Casaru, Katie Priss, Hannah Jayne, Faye Bradshaw, SQ Quayley, Sophie Pearson, Nicola Woolridge, Christine Ross, Karen Silver, Jordan van Beek, Pamela English, Margaret Doherty, Lisa McGarry, Nicola Richardson, Kirstie Willitts, Sarah Daly, Jasmine Martin, Robyn Allen, Erin Bradbury, Anne Preston, Tasha Mitchell, Cheryl Martin, Rebecca Herron, Sarah Milligan, Elaine Dixon, Mandy Boardman, Katie Hartle, Debbie Rennie, Terri Fretwell, Carly Golbourn, Vandra Robinson, Sharon Baker, Dawn Metcalf, Anne Borwick, Nicola Mulroy, Kerry Bennett, Samantha Riddell, Ann Bell, Sam Sandifer, Lesley Graham, Susan Quayle, Sarah Daly, Theresa Jeffries, Linda Sharkey, Mandi Christie, Joanne Hadley-Payne, Amanda Yates, Natasha-Jade Frith-Williams, Hannah Stanway, Becka Allison, Annette Allen, Francesca Kavanagh, Martha Garnett, Rebecca Ryan, Hope Kolbe, Gemma Claire, Becky Sarah, Emily Langhorn, Ella Chester, Jessica Cape, Megan Gray, Lydia Elisabeth, Emily Burns, Katy Haworth, Alison Welch, Linda Tongue, Charlotte Shannon, Jayne Benjamin, Juliet Williamson, Lyn Hargreaves, Patricia Aguirre, Julia Boyes, Angela Newby, Wendy Newby, Toby Riddick, Paula Turner, Carole Henderson, Kayti Paterson, Julie Storey, Paige Robson, Karen Saunders, Cheri Johnston, Nic Bartlett, Catherine Capstick, Deborah Robertson, Suzanne Moorby, Tricia McGlone, Cindy Reynolds, Sue Knowles, Skye Martin, Lauren Brizzolari, Nicola Diggle, Kellie Wadsworth, Cheryl Mansergh, Kellymay Bannan, Karyn-Leigh Blanshard, Megan Lancaster, Katie McGuide, Alison Blaze, Phil Blaze, Amy Steele, Linda Creighton, Joanne Firth, Shaz Tyson, Farrah Hill, Lauren Hunter, Kerry Hammond, Sarah Anne, Carly McAloone, Laura Pratt, Michelle Dacre, Lisa Lopez, Laura Ross, Gabby Dawes, Jeanette Henry, Georgia Hayman, Kate Stewart, Sally Denton, Brogan Ellie, Emma Thomson, Emma Jackson, Lynda Kendall, Shona Ainsworth, Erica Jackson, Karen Patterson, Becca Patterson, Kerrie Griffiths, Caroline Benson, Vicky Wills, Bobby Bone, Sophie Leigh, Nichola Gardner, Louise Shields, Justine Ogilvie, Tracy Thompson, Beth Brown, Kirsty McDonald, Suzanne Hambly, Carole Henderson, Emma Forlizzi, Natasha Ireland, Becca Harrison, Samantha McMurray, Laura Cassidy, Lauren Dixon, Laura Baker, Charlotte Sheppard, Jane Winder, Mia May, Dawn Brown, Janet Marsland, Leanne Mattimore, Liv Allonby, Ostley House, Donna Ayres, Janet Morgan, Kirbi Johnson, Harriet Thomas, Danielle Reid, Georgia Woodward, Danielle Instance, Danielle Vivienne, Janet Wilcox, Janet Edwards, Aneta Bemler, Debbie Pearce, Stephanie Hubbold, Victoria Smith, Gemma Robinson, Viv Burns, Deena McIntee, Shannon Jones, Stephanie Conaghan, Kerry Hodson, Shaunna Leigh, Hana While, Ros Harrison, Helen Jones, Ann White, Maddie Blackett, Beth Brown, Paula Turner, Olivia Sayle, Hayley Sainty, Allyn Dow, Thea Moore, Terry Ayres, Nicola Egerton, Megan-Jessica Lancaster, Abbe Docherty, Rebecca Herron, Sarah Cipriano, Danielle O’Connor, Ainsleigh Hartley, Amy Healey, Amy Louise, Beth Brown, Deborah Fleming, Sophie Caruthers, Nicola Sheldon, Gemma Louise, Emily Bayliss, Stacey Needham, Lauren Curtis, Rebecca Crowe, Liv Cleece, Stephanie Betty, Sophie Hambly, Ruth Hannaway, Esther Dodd, India Lee, Terri Murphy, Sam Cope, Suzanne Hambly, Kirsty Mckeever, Chloe Reid, Wilf Fazakerley, Georgia Turner, Vicky Ducie, Olivia Sayle, Beth Jones, Ashlea Chester, Charlene Broome, Katie Horrocks, Laura Quirk, Megan Alexander, Claire Crook, Linda Jones, Jess Milburn, Julie Devitt, Carly Jones, Christine Stephenson, Sarah Pringle, Andrea Mitchell, Laura Askew, Christine Duff, Roxanne Ward, Beth Brand, Justine Slone, Sharon Simons, Claire Johnson, Jade Short, Anika Magtoto, Kelly Conner, Helen Hambly, Rachael Hurton, Nikki Carter, Sydney Lee, Lydia Parkinson, Danielle Smith, Kimberley Helen, Rihannah Steele, Danielle Rodgers, Angela Gray, Shannon Loughlin, Emily Helm, Antoinette Marklew, Megan Alexander, Karen Chalker, Gemma Brown, Rachel Moss, Emily Hornby, Yvonne McGowan, Samantha Bayliss, Rachel Barton, Janette Lamb, Zoe Fergusson-Batte, Lesley Ivinson, Megan Alexander, Becca Shakespeare, Tamzin Aitken, Karen Laing, Chloe Gasson, Chantelle Blakeborough, Amanda Sandifer, Toni Roberts, Danielle Rodgers, Chris Bell, Beth Paisley, Melanie Richardson, Ann Hornby, Catherine Mackay, Justine Robinson, Jess Emanuel, Shannon Jones, Lorraine Hayhurst, Jojo Cruz-McKenna, Sophie Marsden, Shahrzad Naderi, Dawn Brogan, Ashleigh Morton, Abby Jones, Emma Thomson, Ashleigh Bonner, Lauren Purcell, Melanie Richardson, Sharon Smith, Sue Hayman, Michelle Reynolds, Heather Collinge, Lou Petcher, Cheryl Askew, Tyne Wharton, Beth Hackett, Jill Coulson, Tracy Brock, Hazel Tweddell, Chez Robinson, Helen Lancaster, Gail Chapman, Ceejay Messenger, Louise Clitheroe, Julie Thorburn, Sarah Martin, Diane Jones, Laura Dodd, Alison Dawson, Lois Brown, Donna Hutchinson, Monika Sinica, Karen Hill, Catherine Capstick, Jemma Hampson, Nakia Merchant, Becki Butcher, Meggs McGrath, Hannah Lightfoot, Sheila Fisher, Alicia Friend, Megan Wright, Diane Wilson, Mandy Patterson, Tracy Crowe, Carol Swarbrick, Debra Davies, Alysha Moore, Kelly Higham, Natalie Mease, Lisa Smith, Jane Stanton, Gill Tyson, Amanda Kendall, Fiona Quinn, Elaine Martin, Emma Cross, Sharen Lancaster, Claire Bagley, Gemma Turner, Eileen Miller, Lynn Turner, Sarah Hubbold, Louise Hinton, Leah Jackson, Jane Malone, Mandy Crabtree, Gemma Muldoon-Smith, Jessica Frazer, Sheryllyn Smith, Yvonne McGowan, Rachael Stoker, Barbara Widnall, Sally Moon, Natalie Allen, Jo Nev, Jennifer Lawrenson, Lauren Hunter, Zoe Pea, Laura Coward, Kelly Louise, Marie Dewey, Susan Kirby, Janet Dale, Sammy Jessamine, Michelle O’Neill, Laura Rawlinson, Dawn Marsland, Heather Flaherty, Rebecca Tyson, Jennifer Keel, Laura Metcalf, Diane Prickett, Louise Williams, Kerry Murphy, Joan Jaggers, Cheri Johnston, Elaine Riddoch, Sydney Lee, Maureen Brand, Caitlin Brand, Beth Brand, Debbie Meighan, Sarah Barnard, Charlotte Harkes, Jenny Southall, Jeanette Vickers, Michaela Halliday, Julie Wilson, John Norris, Amy Parsons, Lesley Clark, Katie Maire, Diane Prickett, Joanne Clark, Christine Bleaker, Jane Martin, Hayley Sams, Jane Ralph, Naomi Doherty, Phoebe Haigh, Chloe Li, Demi Stephenson, Katie Stepanian, Angela Munroe, Lynda Hamilton, Gemma Brown, SimonStringer, Anthony Thompson, Dr Megan Wyatt, Dr Richard Wyatt, Dr Arun Thimmiah, Dr Tony Macheta, Gemma Smith, Hannah Griffiths, Nicola Wong, Richard Ward, Emelye Armstrong, Stephen Lee, A J Rich, Aaron Adams, Aaron Bindloss, Abbie Rear, Abby, Halston Hotel, Adam Beeston, Adam Day, Adam Fawcett, Adele Tyers, Adrian Gwatkin, Adrian Todd, Adrian Todd, Aidan Taylor, Aidan Warlow, Ailsa McKenzie, AIMEE DAVIES, Alan Bird, Alan Brocklehurst, Alan Davidson, Alan Dinning, Alan Green, Alan Green, Alan Lightfoot, Alan McGuckin, Alan Sillito, Alan Sowerby, ALAN TURNBULL, Alastair Bell, Alex, Alex Birtles, Alexandra Briggs, Ali Ross, Alice Amelia Terry, Alice Mclean, Alice Mclean, Alison Bogle, Alison Gilbert, Alison Goodchild, Alison Love, Alison Sisson, Alison Taylor, Alistair Bulman, Alistair Smith, Alix Martin, All  the Cumbrian Farmers, All farm workers , All Staff at Cumbria CVS, All Staff at Hospice at Home, Allan Armstrong, Ally’s granddaughter, Amanda Lee, AMANDA MCLAUGHLIN, Amanda Walker, Amy Bates, Amy Bates , Amy Graham, AMY HUGGON, Amy Ratsey, AMY RATSEY, Amy Sirey, Amy Thomson, Andi Sambrook, Andie Runkee, Andrea Longcake, Andrea Simpson, Andrew Bailey, Andrew Balchin, Andrew Batey, Andrew Beatham, Andrew Bedford, Andrew Betton, Andrew Bothamley, Andrew Clay, Andrew Connell, Andrew Connell, Andrew Fell, Andrew Hodgson, Andrew Holt, Andrew Ivinson, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Laverick, Andrew Miller-varey, Andrew Potter, Andrew Relph, Andrew Rose, Andrew Sayer, Andy Connell, Andy Henderson, Andy Sharples, Ange Findon, Angela Bell, Angela Bell, Angela Butterworth, Angela butterworth, Angela Gill, Angela Meadowcroft, Angela Meadowcroft, Angela Ritchie, Angie Findon & Gary, Angie Miller, Angus Murray, Aniela Hodgson, Anita Lyons, Ann Armstrong, Ann Byers, Ann McKerrell, Ann McKerrell, Ann Noble, Ann Oswin, Ann Stafford, Anna Carroll, Anna Dixon, Anna Lythgoe, Anna Lythgoe, Anna McCormick, Annabelle Innerdale, Anne Abbs, Anne Devlin, Anne Devlin, Anne Edwards, Anne Glendinning, Anne Mitchelson, Annie Kerr, Anth, Halston Hotel, Anthony Brumwell, Anthony Maclean, Anthony Markley, Anthony Webb, Anthony WIlliam Cole, Arthur Simpson, Ashlie Wade, Avril Alderman, Avril Alderman, Ayesha Watson, Ayesha Weston, Barbara Brown, Barbara Govan, Barbara Irving, Barbara Shepherd, Barry Davidson, Barry Earp, Barry McKie, Ben Hale, Ben hale, Bensons Fruit & Vegetables, Bensons Milk, Beth O’Neil, Bethany O’Neill, Bethany Pritchard, BETHANY WALKER, Bev Pink, Bill Candeland, Billy McBride, Billy McBride, Binmen, Bob Brown, Bob Price, Bradley Miller, Brett Murphy, Brian Benson, Brian Calvert, Brian Hogg , Brian Wernham, Bronwyn Kendall, Bruce Forster, Bruce Richards, Bryan Craig, Bryan Craig, Bryan Deakin, Bryceson’s Bakery, Bryony Kirk, Bryony Martin, Cait Pattinson, California House MIND team, Cally Martin, Calvin Rodgerson, Carl Thompson, Carl Thompson, Carla Cookson, Carlisle Covid 19 Mutual Aid, Carlisle Mencap, Carly’s children, Carol Adams, Carol Jackson, Carol Joyce, Carol Merrie, Carol Waite, Carole Carter, Caroline Fancott-Beynon, Caroline Gunning, Caroline Nash, Caroline Oliver, Caroline Richardson, Caroline Syddall, Caroline’s son, Carolyn Cripps, Carolyn Murray, Carolyn Sim, Carolyn Sim, Carrie Claus Pike, Caryl Prior Varty, Catalin Radu, Cath Wood, Catherine Griffiths, Catriona Johnston, Celia Tibble, Charles Dunn, Charles Thomas Shepherd, Charlie Bradshaw, Charlotte Little, Charlotte Pennington, Charlotte Robinson, Charlotte Smith, Charlotte Wigham, CHC Team , Chelsea Buchanan, Chelsea Buchanan, Chloe Keir, CHOC TEAM, Chris Armstrong, Chris Armstrong & Family, Chris Bolton, Chris Harrison, Chris Hogg, Chris Kania, Chris Kania, Chris Marsh, Chris Meldrum, Chris Savory, Chris Slinger, Chris Thompson, Chris Whittaker, Christian Barnes, Christian Barnes, Christine Bowditch, Christine Finlayson, Christine Handling, Christine Hodgson, Christine Johannsen, Christine Millar, Christine Steel, Christine West, Christine Williams, Christopher Drouet, Christopher Jones, Christopher Robinson, Christopher Southward, Christopher Sproat  , Christopher Wilson, Claire Allinson, Claire Baxter, Claire Cooper, Claire Driver, Claire Fitzpatrick, Claire Kerr, Claire Kerr, Claire Lumley, Claire Skeates, Clare Hansford, CLARE PORTER, Claudia Dally, Clive Allen, Clive Hutchinson, Colin Atkinson, Colin Glover, Colin Harrison, Colin J Davies, Connor, Halston Hotel, Conrad Lynch, Corrin Greggory , Craig Eland, Craig Nicholson, Craig Wallace, Cumbria Scout Leaders, Cumbria Waste Recyling team, Cyril Weber, Dale Shaw, Damian Lewandowski, Dan Fitton, Dan Metcalfe, Dan Newrick, Dan Pattimore , Daniel Dinham, Daniel Griffiths, Daniel Holder, Daniel Johnston, Danielle Bell, Danielle Comries,DANIELLE FULLER, Danielle Ward, Darrell Smith, Darren Pattinson, Darren Todd, Dave Harrison, Dave Welton, David Allan, David Bardsley, David Baxter, David Billington, David Black, David Calway, David Carlyle, David Coulthard, David Coward, David Frederick Scurrah, David Graham, David Gray, David Hammond, David Henderson, David Hewitt, David Holdsworth, David Hughes, David Keetley, David Kidd, David Low, David Lowe, David Mallinson, David Mallinson, David Marshall, David Milburn, David Moorat, David Morton, David Parkin Knaggs, David Parr, David Pattinson, David Porter, David Potter, David Rackstraw, David Ryland, David Savage, David Shepherd, David Thompson, David Vose, David W Bell, David Watson, David Whipp, David Wilson, David Witney, Dawn Allonby, DAWN BELL, Dawn Ewart, Dawn Gibson, Dawn Hinsley, Dawn, Sarah & Claire, Artemis Care, Deb Holden, Debbie Fearon, Debbie Hewitt, Deborah Box-Cumming, Deborah Earl, Deborah Earl & Michelle, Deborah Kerr, Debra Padgett, Debra Wicks, Dee Lockhart, Delia Hetherington , Denise Poole, Dennis Richardson, Dennis Smith, Derek Donaldson, Derek Knight, Desi Ivanova, Desi Ivanova, Diane Armstrong, Diane Orr, Diane Scott, Dilys Muir, DN Abbott, Donald Angus, Donna Hall, Doreen Stockdale, Doreen Stockdale, Dorothy Anderton, Dorothy Sanko, Dorothy Thornton, Dot Benson, Doug Lawson, Doug Lawson, Dougal Kyle, Douglas Banks, Douglas Banks, Dr Suzy Taylor, Duncan Curley, Edward Proud, Edward Walker, Elaine Bell, Elaine Grew, Elaine Martin, Elaine Martin, Elaine Packer, Elaine Smith, Elaine Studholme, Elaine Watson, Elaine Winskill, Elizabeth Berti, Elizabeth Harding, Elizabeth Mallinson, Elizabeth Thompson, Elizabeth Woodmass, ELLA HOULIHAN, Ellie Howard, Elliott Cox, Elva Green, ELVA GREEN, Emergency Services, Emily Arter, Emily M, EMILY MACLEOD, Emily Parsons, EMILY SMALL, Emily Tinning, Emily Williams, Emma Bonomy, Emma Brough, Emma Fawcett, EMMA HODGSON, Emma Jane Conley, Emma Maclagan, Emma Reid, Emma Vasquez, Emma, Halston Hotel, Ernest Leach, Euan Hammersley, Eve Dennison, Evelyn Bell, FAYE HILLS, Fee Walters, Felicity Kaye-Krzeczkowski, Fiona Cathers, Fiona Chapman, Fiona Edwards, Fiona Graham, Fiona Kay, Fiona Robson, Fiona Sloan, Fiona Smith, Fiona Smith, Fiona Stobbart, FIONA WALTERS, First steps team, Floss Winder, Fran Johnson, Frances Flanagan, Francesca Burl, Francis P Barbour, Frank Heaton, Frank Rogers, Frankie Hull, Frederick Potts, G Gerald Bainbridge, Gabrielle Rothery, Gareth Ellis, Gareth Hayes, Gareth Jackson, Gary Calland, Gary Clubbs, Gary Fletcher, Gary Greenhow , Gary Kelso, Gary Murphy, Gary Noble, Gary T, Gav, Halston Hotel, Gavin Fox, Gemma Gaskell, Gemma Irving, Gemma Irving , Geoff Moss, Geoff Round, Geoff Smith, Geoff Wade, Geoffrey Atkinson, George Devereux, George McGarr, George Morton, Giles Mounsey-Heysham, Gill Pattinson, Gill Sharples, Gillian Bryan    , Gillian Hoodless, Gillian Margaret Gibson, Gillian Major, Gillian Newton Campbell, Gillian Race, Gillie Allison , Gina Docherty, Gina Granny G Pemberton, Gina Harrison, Gina Metcalf, Ginny Holroyd, Gladys Chalmers, Gordon Deighton, Gordon Little, Gordon McDonald, Gordon Nicolson, Gordon Nicolson OBE, Gordon Percival, Gordon Rigg, Gordon Routledge, Grace Wren, Graham Lewis, Graham Moscrop, Graham Parkin, Graham Shaw, Graham Simpkins, Guy Broome, Guy Widdowson, Hamish Phillips, Hannah Kate Mellor, Harry Burgess, HAYLEY FISHER, Hayley Forster, Hayley Gray, Hazel Calvert, Hazel Calvert, Hazel Graham, Hazel Minnican, Hazel Minnican, Hazel Proud, HAZEL RYANS, Heidi Strong, Heidi Strong, Helen Barnes, Helen Burns, Helen Davison, Helen Fearon, Helen Forrester , Helen Jane Fearon, Helen Kerry, Helen Shields, Helen Teasdale, Henry Sawrey-Cookson, Herbert Slack, Hetty Tuke, Hilary Carrick, Hilary Holland, Hilary Law, Hilary Snell, Holly Mitchell, Holly Smith  Hopscotch Children’s Home, Hospital porters, Cumberland Infirmary, Howard Bellis, Hudson Gray, Hugh Edward Thomas Lowthian, Hugh Potts, Husamettin Kocaturkmen, Iain Stobbart, Ian Chambers, Ian Clayton, Ian Green, Ian Sowerby, Imogen Macauley, Imogen Threlfall, India Tuer, Interfresh, Isa Henderson, Ivor Evans, Jacci Morrison, Jack Sisson, Jackie Best, Jackie Cooper, Jackie Edgar, Jackie Equicia, Jackie Ghey, Jackie Shearer, Jacky Cooper, Jacob Colley, Jacqui Dodds, Jade Lee-Forrester, Jade Ruddick, Jade’s daughter, Jainey Sirey, James Bainbridge, James Chalmers, James Fallows, James Graham Bart, James Lythgoe, James Stuart Davison, Jamie Anderson, Jane Borlos, Jane Crocker, Jane Edmond, Jane Holland, Jane Key, Jane Lye, Jane Moscrop, Jane Tea, Jane Thurlow, Janet Searle, Janet Walton, Janette Jones, Janice Blacklock, JANIE SHUTTLEWORTH, Jared Deakin, Jason Corbishley, Jean Jackson, Jean Nicholson, Jean Wilson, Jeanette Bradley, Jeffrey Beardsley, Jeffrey Bomford, Jemma Reed, Jenna Louise Hope, Jenni Errington, Jennifer Webster, Jenny Brown, Jenny Porter, Jenny Turner, Jess Grainger, Jessica Barron, Jessica Kyffin, Jill Glencross, Jill Mackey, Jill Shankler, Jilly Dixon-Dougherty, Jim Campbell, Jim Johnson, Jim Lister, Jo Ellis-Williams, Jo McIntosh, Jo Thompson, Joan Johnstone, Joan Potts, Joan Raine, Joan Raine, Joan Todd, Joanna Stark, Joanne Brown, Joanne Keenan, Joanne Laidlow, Joanne Nugent, Joanne Routledge, Joan’s daughter, Jodie Mark , JODIE THOMPSON, John A Blackburn, John Banks, John Bell, John Bell, John Bousfield, John Cameron, John Charles Lynch, John Collier, John Cragg, John Craig Pollock, John Denholm, John Dent, John Dowes, John Elliott, John Gary Wright, John George Thompson, John Glendinning, John Grattan Bowen, John Harding, John Holiday, John Holliday, John Hughes, John Humes, John Judson , John Kenyon, John Mallinson, John Marston, John McDarren, John Neville Jackson, John Norman, John Pape, John Paton, John Prentice, John Taylor, John Watson, John Wharton, Johnny Haugh, Jonathan Bellas, Jonathan Davies, Jonathan Davies, Jonathan Little, Jonathan Nicholson, Jonathan Stalker , Jonathan Taylor, Jonny Honeyman, Jordan Townsley, Joseph Bowness, Joshua Terry, Judith Clarke, Judith Derbyshire, Judith Derbyshire, Judith Smale, Judith Twentyman, Jules Dillon, Jules Dillon, Julia Aldridge, Julia Morrison, Julia Morrison, Julie Crawford, Julie Fisher, Julie Graham, Julie Irving, Julie Thomas, Juliet Wheeler, June Codd, June Macauley, June Macauley, Justin Ray, Justine Kellock, Justine Kellock , Karen Archibald, Karen Coulthard, Karen Greenwood Karen Lockney, Karen MacDonald, Karen mcclean, Karen McNeil, Karen Scott, Karen Scott, Karen Smith, Kate Holland, Kate Imgin, Kate Ireland, Katherine Greenway, Kathleen Bowron, Kathleen Davidson, Kathryn Green, Kathryn Henderson, Katie Coulston, Katie Hauser, Katie Hunton, Katie Tinkler, Katie Tinkler, Katie, Halston Hotel, Katrina Benson, Katrina Thomlinson, Katrina Wright, Katrina Wright, Kayleahh Louise, Kayleahh-Louise Devlin, Kayleigh Barnes, Kayleigh Nicholson, Keith Fawcett, Keith Gould, Keith Kelly, Keith McIntosh, Keith Meller, Keith Nesworthy, Keith Robinson, Kelly Armstrong, Kelly Hodgson, KELLY HODGSON, Kelly Rogers, Kelly Smith, Kelly Story, Sainsburys, Kelly’s son Brodie, Kelzey Mills, Kenneth Hope, Kenneth Philipson, Kerry Gibson, Kerry kruger, Kerry Little, Kerry Patterson, Kerryann Broad, Kerry’s two children, Kevin Beaty, Kevin Graham, Kevin Jackson, Kevin McCann, Kevin Overs, Kieth Monaghan, Kim Robinson, Kim Trotter, Kirsty Louise Steele-Milburn, Kirsty McAndrew Bruce, Kirsty McAndrew Bruce, Kirsty Robson, Kirsty Steele-Milburn, Kirsty Steele-Milburn, Kirsty Thompson, Kris Tatum , Kristina Vaitkute, Krystelle Bullock, Kyle Blue, Lai Heung Ho (Holly Ho), Laura Binnie, Laura Cartner, Laura Cartner, Laura Hall, Laura Harker, Laura Harker, Laura Hector, Laura Hector, Laura Holiday, Laura Johnston , Laura May Seaton, Laura Storey, Laura Warren, Laura Warren, Laura Wilson, Laura Wilson, Laura, Halston Hotel, Lauren Crosby, LAUREN MCGOUGH, Lauren Moore, Lauren sultana , Lawrence Fisher, Leanne Mullen, Leanne Storey, Leave a Light On, Lee Culow, Lee Sherriff, Leona Hull, Leona Hull, Leonie Wright, Les Dalzell, Les Pratt, Les Tickner, Les Watson, Lesley Faulder, Lesley Pape, Lesley Robson, Leslie Nanson, Letitia Nicholson, Liam Thorburn, Liam Torley, Liam Torley, Linda Brown,, Linda Hunter, Linda Kelton, Linda Lancaster, Linda Maxfield, Linda Thompson, Lindsay Mason, Lindsay Neaves, Lindsay Pattinson, Linsey Wilson, LINZI WALTERS, Linzi-Marie Walters, Lisa Brown, Lisa Hodgson, Lisa Hodgson, Lisa Michelle Chandler, Lisa Wilson, Lissa Walker, Lissie Sharp, Liz Beaty, Liz Berti, Liz Lester, Liz Paisley, Longrigg Eggs, Lorna Baker, Lorna Roberts, Lorraine Anderson, Lorraine Anderson , Lorraine Hornsby, Louise Atkinson, Louise Harrison, Louise Mathews, Louise Matthews , Luca Dixon, Lucy Patrick, Luke Walton, Luke Webb, Luke Webb, Luke Wilson, Lydia Binns, Lydia Binns, Lyn Johnston, Lyn Sinclair, Lynda Donaldson, LYNDA GILL, Lynda’s grandchildren, Lyndsey Mason, Lyndsey Mason, Lynette Peach , Lynne Books, Lynne Queen, Maddy Teasdale, Maggie McGladdery, Maisie Cupid, Malc Thurlow, Malcolm Coates, Malcolm Holt,, Malcolm Ridley, Malcolm Thurlow, Mandy Martin, Mandy Middleton, Marc Gardner, Margaret Blake, Margaret Clark, Margaret Clark, Margaret Dickson, Margaret Gunson, Margaret Longworth, Margaret Story, Mari Reay, Marie Epgrave, Marie Holliday, Marilyn Bowman, Marina Mackay, Marion Osgood, Marjorie Jones, Mark Benson, Mark Boland, Mark Brown, Mark Dougherty, Mark Harkness, Mark Holliday, Mark Mawson, Mark Newby, Mark Newby, Mark Rudhall, Mark Somers, Mark Vause, Mark Walker, Marti Irving, Martin Chandler, Martin Ellmore, Martin McAlister, Martin Middleton, Martin Scott, Martin Stephenson, Martin, Futumura, Martyn Cannon, Martyn Hunter, Martyn Worrall, Mary Robinson, Mary Robinson, Matthew Phillips, Maureen Hodges, Maureen Pratt, Maxine Lorraine Denoual, Maya Wannop, Mechanics, Meike Millar, MELANIE RIDDELL, Melissa Major, Memory Matters Team, Menna Lewis, Mia Hall, Michael Armstrong, Michael David Shepherd, Michael Denis Eyles, Michael Firth, Michael Frame, Michael Grant, Michael Hanley, Michael Hanley, Michael Lawson, Michael Mitchelson, Michael Noble, Michael Parkin, Michael R. Strong, Michael Satterthwaite, Michael Tonkin, Michelle Addison, Michelle Addison, Michelle Coulson, Michelle Khan, Michelle Naylor, Michelle, Halston Hotel, Mick Clayton, Mick Jones, Mick Le’Huray, Mick Watson, Miguel Neto, Mike Clarke, Mike Dyke, Mike Gardner, Mike Greenhow, Mike Higginbotham, Mike Holliday, Mike Jack, Mike Johnson, Mike Kirkwood, Mike Sherriff, Mike Walker, Miles MacInnes, Moira Hairsine, MONIKA KONIECZNA, Morgan James Donnelly, Mr Hill, Caldew Lea Primary School, Mrs Colley, Caldew Lea Primary School, Natalie Elliott, Natalie Spedding, Natassja Murray, Nath Martin, Nathan Carlisle, Neil Cresswell, Neil Galbraith, Neil Hughes, Neil Hughes, Neil McCall, Neil Watson, Neil Wilkinson, Niall McNulty, Niall Mitchell, Nicholas Lindwall, Nicholas Marriner, Nicky Warwick, Nicola Adams, Nicola Barnes, Nicola Bell, Nicola Boothman, Nicola Brierley, Nicola Brown, Nicola Campbell, Nicola Clark, Nicola Hawkins, Nicola Higgins, Nicola Invinson, Nicola Kuliszewski, Nicola Little, Nicola Little, Nicola Park, Nicola Park, Nicola Rigby, Nicoletta Turiac, Nigel Christian, Nigel Vear, Niki Harkness, Nikki Cupid, Norman Armstrong, Norman Chalmers, Norman Dunkeld, Oli Burns, Oliver Morely, Olivia Bateman, Olivia DSouza, Olivia DSouza, Olly Bradley, Onestop Shop, Fusehill Street, Orion Cleaning, Owen Martin, Paddy Oshaugnessy, Pamela Birks, Pamela Jago, Paragon Vets, Paria Adams, Parkfield CDC, Pat Jones, Patricia Anne Bell, Patrick Laverty, Paul Avis, Paul Donald, Paul Kirkwood, Paul May, Paul Nedved, Paul Richardson, Paul Robinson, Paul Robson, Paul Thorburn, Paul Thorburn, Paula Mitchell, Paula Mitchell, Paula Park, Paula Taylor, Pauline Bell, Pauline Capstick, Pauline Moran, Pauline Nicholson, Pauline Toppin, Pete Salway, Peter Baker, Peter Beckwith, Peter Clarke, Peter Crofts, Peter Ditch, Peter Ebbatson, Peter Foley, Peter Griffiths, Peter Smith, Peter Taylor, Peter Wilson, Peter Wright, Phil Coleman, Phil Dew, Phil Grogan, Phil Hancock, Phil Logan, Phil, Hermes Delivery, Philip (Pip) Ward, Philip Saul, Philip Wilkinson, Philippa Armstrong, Philippa Groves, Philippa Louise Terry, Phillip Utting, Phillip Whitehead, Phoebe Simpson, Pia Steele, Pia Steele, Pioneer, Pippa Khan, Postmen, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Rachel Girvan, Rachel Lytollis, RACHEL SIMPSON, Rachel Unwin, Ramon Riley, Randall Raine, Ray Bruin, Ray Healey, Ray Hinton, Raymond Marston, Raymond Miller, Raymond Thomas Colbear, Raymond Tinnion, Rebecca Brown, Rebecca Graham, Rebecca Graham, Rebecca Henrys, Rebecca Simpson, Redmayne House, Reginald Watson, Rhys Hopkins, Rich Shave, Richard Bradshaw, Richard Dobinson, Richard Forster, Richard Francis, Richard Franics, Richard Gardner, Richard Gordon Henry, Richard Johnstone, Richard Lloyd, Richard Martin, Richard McAllister, Richard Ritson, Richard Sealby, Richard Stables, Richard Storey, Richard Todd, Richard Watson, Richard, Halston Hotel, Ricky Robinson, Rob Graham, Rob Paisley, Rob Shephard, Rob Simmons, Rob Sutton, Robert Betton, ROBERT FEDDON, Robert McIvor, Robert Murray, Robert Park, Robert Park, Robert Potter, Robert Wear, Robin David Main, Robin Orchard, Rod Phillips, Rodney Hind, Roger Bird, Roger Bragg, Roger Burgin, Roger Cranston, Roger Liddle, Ronald Kenyon, Ronnie Auld, Rose Foster, Rose Logie, Rosie Dunbar, Roxanne Alderman, Roy Fisher, Ruth Alcroft, Ruth Beaumont, Ruth Simmons, Ryan Leck, Ryan Thorburn, Sally Hutchinson, Sam Harding, Sam McGuirk, Sam Smedley, Samantha Bunting, Samantha Davidson, Samaritans, Sammie Behan, Sandra Gillespie, Sandra Lancaster, Sandy Lancaster, Sarah Byers, Sarah Dobinson, Sarah Ellwood, Sarah Frizzell, Sarah Goddard, Sarah Harden, Sarah Keaveney, SARAH LITTLE, Sarah Muir, Sarah Scott, SARAH STOTHART, Sarah Thomas, Sarah Wallace, Scott Jackson, Scott Wilson, Scott Wilson, Security Staff, Senna Reid, Shantelle Woodburn, Sharon Stubbs, Sharon Stubbs, Sheena graham, Sheena Watson Wilson, Sheila Summerscales, Sheila Wilson, Shelagh Leyland, Shelia Deakin, Shelia Deakin, Shelley Gilchrist, Shelley Gilchrist, Shelley Lambert, Shelley Townsley, Shellie Greenhow, Shirley Smith, Shirley Winthrop, Shona Mouncey, Sian Edwards, Sian Nattrass, Sian Whittaker, Sidney G. Asbridge, Simon Barrett, Simon Dalton, Simon Dutton, Simon Eley, Simon Ovens, Simon Wood, Sinead Simpson, Sintija Saule, Siobhan Askew, Siobhan Askew, Soni Cox, Sonia Hutchinson, Sophie Flynn, Sophie Graham, Sophie Potts, Sophie Potts, Sophie Potts, Sophie shore, Sophie Thomson, Stacey Archibald, Stacey Atkinson, STACEY ATKINSON, Stacey Louise Creighton, Staff at Ambulatory Care, Staff at Artemis Care, Staff at Asda, Staff at B&Q, Staff at Barn Close Home, Staff at Bookers Cash & Carry, Staff at Burnside Court, Staff at Caldew Lea Primary School, Staff at Carlisle Crematorium, Staff at Central Avenue Co-op, Staff at Cranstons, Staff at Cumberland Building Society, Staff at Cumbria Sexual Health Clinic, Staff at DHL, Staff at DPD, Staff at Fedex, Staff at First Engineering Services, Staff at Glenmore Trust, Staff at Good Companions, Staff at Hermes, Staff at Iceland, St Nicholas, Staff at Keyfort Group, Staff at Kingston Court Care Home, Staff at M&L Richardsons Services, Staff at Norman Street School, Staff at Old Hall Cafe, Staff at Parcel Force, Staff at Sainsburys, Staff at St Aidans Nursery, Staff at Stagecoach, Staff at the Laurels Care Home, Staff at the Penrith childcare hubs, Staff at Travel Team, Staff at UPS, Staff at Vandella Flowers, Staff at Yodel, Staff on Maple Ward, CIC, Staff on maternity ward CIC, Stagecoach Drivers, Helen Silver and all staff at Ostley House in Barrow, Nicola Mulroy, Bekka Alexander, Nichola Gardner, Phil Kummer, Nathan Bennett, Lucinda Cunliffe, Chris Jones, Tracy Matthews, Dawn Green, all staff at Furness General Hospital, Suzanne Thompson, Sally Milmine, Jan Quayle, Amber Gibbons, Rhiannon Thatcher, Shauna Kathryn, Sophie Heath, Denby Bracken, Shannon Wallace, Bethany Hannah, Mai Tuesday, Charlotte Springthorpe, Rachel Walmsley, Tracy Story, Gemma Zuniga, Kayley Taylor, Kaitlin Last, Pam Stephenson, Greg Macken, Lorraine Macken, Nicola Diggle, Clare Irvine, Helena Bilton, Melanie Richardson, Jacqueline Parkinson, Kimberley Everett, Phil Everett, Rebecca Malone, Susan Dick, Ellie Sheridan, Becki Butcher, Yazmin Cook, John Cook, Joanne Clark, Stuart Cairns, Curtis Pattinson, Keith Moscrop, Louise Cook, Steph Leech, Pam Stephenson, Sophie Ward, George Stubbs, Katie Kendall, Loreto Espana Ahmed, staff at Express Market in Dalton, staff at Bupa Dental Care, Councillor Steve Robson, Sarah Preece, staff at Wax Lyrical, Natalie Hodgson, Councillor Daniel Edwards, Steven Gaydon, Dalton Community First Responders, Molly-Jo Fischer, Glen Garth House, Tenby House, Councillor Sam Ronson, Councillor Wendy Maddox, all staff at Norwood Medical Centre, Councillor Hazel Edwards, Councillor Alan Pemberton, Tom Baxter, Pam Baxter, Bob Grisedale, Sue Grisedale, Carnforth Covid-19 Support Group, Home Instead Senior South Lakes, Anothai Chareunsey, Staveley Pharmacy, Alex Young, Ian Maynard, Dobson Greengrocers, all the SLDC binmen, John Natlacen, Jules Natlacen, Graham Livesey, Fokel De Vries, Heather Walton, Nicola Webster, Barbara Knowles, James Scott, Councillor Ann Thomson, Councillor Dave Pidduck, Councillor Mark Burley, Councillor Wendy McClure, Councillor Derek Brook, Kayleigh Ross, Christina Ross, Julie Tomsett, Jessica Small, all staff at Mill Lane Day Opportunities, Janet Morgan, Lisa Greenwood, Josephine Cain, staff in the procurement and supplies team at UHMBT, Rebecca Young, Tracey Young, all the staff at Church Court in Roose Road, the security guards at Tesco Extra in Barrow, Bryan Urdas, Tony Clarke, Chloe Levi Burnside, Rachel Harvey, Hollie Gilbride, Lauren Cairns, Ann Morrow, Kayleigh Flynn, Megan Savage, Gemma Taylor, Suzanne Akister, Julie Trafford, Laura Meehan, Hayley Butler, Sue Pattinson, Carrie Spiers, Sarah Currin, Stephanie Baines, Kat Shortland-Hall, Amanda Hall, Councillor Lee Roberts, Councillor Kevin Hamilton, Councillor Hayley Preston, Natalie Prophet, Nina Lockrie, Chloe Peters, Caroline Bonner, Lauren Proctor and Linda, Lizzie Hill, Jayne Jones, Debbie Pratt, Tracey Lees, Michelle Coglan, Mike at Growth Therapy, Claire LeRoy, Lisa Olliver, Becky Opie, Charlotte McDowell, Carol McCormack, Robyn Allen, Joseph Jones at Cowards Chemists, Sue Rawlinson, Amanda Holmes, Shannon Gavin, Teresa Edney, Councillor Debra Seward, Councillor Martin McLeavy, Councillor Anita Husband, Anita Speirs, Stephanie Hazlett, Alice Woodward, Kara Griffiths, Deborah Little, Richard Ward, Diane Watson, Kirst Silver, Laurie Brocklebank, Jill Whitehouse, Emma Mulcaster, Amelia Larsen, Stephanie Hubbold, Danny Platt, Marie Robertson, Kimberley Jones, Caroline Bonner, Jeanette Garside, Nicola Taylor, Emily Johnstone, Sally Denton, Alex Bailey, Jennifer Deelay, Mike McDonald, Tina Hollywell, Councillor Frank Cassidy, Jayne Harris, Michelle Johnson, Jane Rogers, Karen Fawcett, Kaitlyn Young, Juliet Slater, Jayne Milani, Barbara Shand, John Sadecki, Kelly Wilson, Rob Corkan, Andrew May, Councillor Colin Thomson, Councillor Helen Wall, Charly Posnett, Dawn Pritchard, Gemma Kershaw, Jean Harris, Eden Futures, Kim Stanaway, Gray Healthcare, Abi Robson, Debbie Mather, Lauren McSorley, Hilary Evans, Kath Berry, Carol Gelling, Joanne Farron, Julie Johnson, Graham Carr, Suzanne Phizacklea, Kay Woodhouse, Lillian Pocklington, Laura Haughton, Nick Bland, Nick Morley Lisa Forster, Joan Barnett, Gina Moffatt, Catherine Beauchamp, Karen Donnelly, Jack Bunting, James Beech, Maureen Fawcett, Amy Watkin, Roy Holmes, Sarah Louise Winter, Emma Forlizzi, Phil Mather, Kim Purcell, Andrea Thornton, Kate Ducker, Colette Staunton, Adina Alexandra Vlasan, Dave Caine, Vicki Caine, Ann Holmes, Donna Crawford, Judith Craig, Rebecca Jenny, Ste Waddington, Tyler Jesson, Will Clarke, Bob Austin, Liam Minnican, David Walker, Lee Butterworth, Stephen Atkinson, Christine Barnes, Alexis Martinez, Tiburcio Adina, Alexandra Vlasan, Darren Rodgers, Helen Salmon, Alison Davison,Janet Herbert, Kaia Robinson, Stacey Lippett, Chloe Forsyth, Margaret Robson, First Step South Cumbria, Sally Milmine, Kath Lever, Stephanie Conaghan, Sian Clements, Adelle Ryan, Joanna Dunstan, Angela McDonald, Tina Hollywell, Christopher Simpson, Charlotte Seeds, Angela Kerry and Christine and Paula from the Co-op, Carl Gaitskill, Alli Rutter, Christopher Gibson, Corrine Rampton, Lauren Davey, Danielle Finlayson, Jannette Travis, Katy Brown, Lavinia Boothroid, Matty Ireland, Jim Bonnar, Sam Wright, Gabby Beckman, Sasha McCormick, Julie Wetherburn, Theresa Miles, Sammi Scanlon, Dan Wassell, Debbie Nelson, Sian Mason, Kat Webster, Ellena Stacey, Kelly Fawcett, Lauren Braham, Jenny Collings, Hannah Wheeler, Sarah Nelson, Rachel-Anne Rodgers, Nathan Bennett, Karen Dawson, Lindsey Pedley, Shannon Royle, Sarah Weir, Judy Brough, Rebekah Hughes, Sharon Marie Thompson Jade Walton, Michelle Pascoe, Di Whiteside, Sandra Jack, Scott Boyns, Sarah Widnall, Jim Brennan, Danny Cargan, Jane Taylor Woods, Kaye Wilkinson, Stu Scott, Sonia Scott, Kevin Jones, Angela Chelton, Pam Milligan, Councillor Bailey Parrington, Councillor Nick Perie, Councillor Anthony Bowe, Councillor Alison Fox, Councillor Ruth Crossley, Councillor Craig Fox, Councillor Fiona Thomson, Councillor Sam Ronson, Councillor David Webster, Councillor Judy Pickthall, Councillor Bob Brown, Councillor Paul Smith, Councillor Pauline Halfpenny, Councillor Bharath Rajan, Councillor Paul Smith, Councillor Helen Irving, Councillor Colin Pickthall, Councillor Amanda Rigg, Councillor Caroline Tennyson, Councillor Andrew Butcher, Councillor Sharon Webster, Councillor Shirley-Anne Wilson, Councillor Pat Jones, Stagecoach Drivers, Stanley Rooke, Stefanies daughter, Stephanie Gibson, Stephanie Goulding, Stephen Barbour, Stephen Bowles, Stephen Carney, Stephen Clarke, Stephen Crawsley, Stephen Dunning, Stephen Elliott, Stephen Haraldsen, Stephen Higgs, Stephen Hodgson, Steve Carney, Steve Carney, Steve Carney, Steve Splinter, Steve Sykes, Steve Wilson, Steve Wilson Butchers, Steven Tresidder, Steven Wilson, Stewart Young, Stuart Borrill, Stuart Borrill, Stuart James Marston, Stuart Shaw, Su Davis, Sue Blair, Sue Castle-Clarke, Sue Edwards, Sue Harkness, Sue Hatt, Sue Hatt, Sue Mason, Susan Quinn, Susan Smith, Susanna Jane Foot, Susannah England, Suz Little, Suzanne Brown, Suzanne Pollock, Suzanne Robinson, T. Richard Little, Tabitha Taylor, Tanya Wilson, Tara Blackburn, Tara Blackburn, TASMIN HAYHURST, Tasmin’s daughter, Teachers at North Lakes School, Tech 4, Terry Moore, the 28 members of COMRU, Cumbria Mines Rescue Team, the 39 members of Penrith Mountain Rescue Team, The Fisher Family, The Kings Arms, Thomas Dickinson, Thomas Dixon, Thomas Ivor Armstrong, Thomas Matthew Wignall, Thomas Mounsey, Thomas Richard Hodgson, Tim Gordon, Tim Holliday, Tim Horsley, Tim Wells, Tim Wright, Timothy Alan Haldon, Tina Longstaff, Tom Anderson, Tom Brocklebank, Tom Brown, Tom Coleman, Tom Greenwood, Tom Hill, Tom Iredale, Tom Lowther, Tom Redmayne, Tom Wentworth Waites, Tommy Mark, Toni Edgar, Toni Hetherington, Tony Butler, Tony Gash, Tony Grainger, Tony Hoskins, Tracey Davy, Tracey Parker, TRACEY WILSON, Tracy Thompson, Tracy Watt, Trevor Allison, Trevor Allison, Trevor Allison, Trevor Baxter, Tricia Meynell, Trudy Urquhart, Tyrone Castles, Undertakers, Val Tarbitt, Veronica Gore, Vicki Barrett, Vicki Murray, Vicky Bird, Vicky Johnston, Vicky Johnston, Victor Oudhuis, Victoria  Colley, Victoria Bell, Victoria Bradley, Victoria Ferriby, Victoria Hodgson, Victoria Hodgson, Victoria Irving, Virginia Taylor, Vivien Sealby, Warren Kerr, Well Pharmacy, Wendy Beesley, Wendy Betts, Wendy Conway, Wendy Portsmouth, Wendy Portsmouth, Wendy Smith, Wendy Swinbank, Wilfred Buckle, Will Box, William Graham, William Jones, William McAlpine, William Patterson, William Pearson, William Steele, Willy Bonner, Wilson Makepeace, Writecare, Yasmine Sbita, Yasmine Sbita, Yvonne Harland, Yvonne Sowerby, Zenas granddaughters, Zerel Marie Robson, the 50+ volunteers for SWWATCH, Garry Greenhow, Shelley Hewitson, Stewart Fyfe, Sheila Clark, Sandy Pearl, James Bell, David Jones, Kenneth Boyd, Alun Hurd, David Sargent, Mark Boyling, Jan Kearton, Michael Manley, James Westoll, Bryan Gray, Alan Johnston, Steve Donald, J Wood, Peter Bowes, Nigel Robson, Peter Pickthall, Veronica Priest, Katharine Butterfield, Colin Marchment, Stephen Pye, Keith Speck, Mark Houston, Stephen Banks, Peter Gilroy, Clare Spedding, Hilary Chaddock, Graham Cox, John Spedding, Ben Phillips, Isaac Lawrence, Godfrey Butland, Dr Adrian Thompson, Chris Albon, Ann Peate, Terry Peate, Susan McKendrey, Clive Hicks, Andrew Gardner, Mandy Jones, David Sargent, Mary Edwards, Bryan Rothwell, Ken Bonsor, Jenny Roscoe, James Newcombe, Julia Powley, Eileen Reid, Charles Hope, Connie Eddy, Allison Lee, James McAllen, Susan Holmes, Graeme Skinner, Charles Hope, Cameron Butland, Helen Marshall, Robert Strachan, Susan Leighton, David Edwards, Rosemary Elliott, Brian Selvey, Gordon Scott, Michael Webb, Sam Held, Carole Marsden, Jean Wright, Judy Polkinhorn, Peter Houghton, T Castles, Ian Parker, Angela Mary Hughes, Laurence Biggs, H Pitt, J Cooper, A Strong, David Sargent, Becky Gibbs, Jim Marshall, Jim Baker, Anne Baker, Richard Lee, Dr Trevor Park, Stephen Robertson, Keith Teasdale, Ann Bailey, Marion Watts, Mark Chambers, Geoffrey Paul Ravalde, Joyce Keetley, Dr Andrew Brittlebank, Charles Proctor, Lindsey Ayling, Wendy Newby, Juliet Williamson, Patricia Nigro, Andy Jolly, Sophie Richardson, Anne Davies, Ellen Mather , Kianne Booth, Ann Holmes, Michelle Holmes, Gemma Louise, Jessica-Marie Procter, Rebecca Ferguson, Duke Street Surgery, Donna Evans Hardie, Helen Butler, Susan Wilkinson, Jane Margaret Case, Lee Mcgill, Marie Jones, June Manson, Nicola Hall, Aimee Stein, all catering staff at FGH, Robyn Allen, Paul Dennison, Angela Jacques, Ann Conway, Anthea Bayliff, Antony Todd, Bethany Appleby, Bethany Williams, Caitlun Hoiliday, Carla Bray, Carly Conway, Carly Maguire, Casson Kirkbride, Chantelle Harrison, Charlotte Stephenson, Christine Laybourne, Clair Huddart, Courtney Neen, Demi Kiggins, Ellie Hewitt, Fiona Armstrong, Fiona Kerr, Francesca Harrison, Gemma Anson, Georgia Hatt, Hannah Tomlinson, Heather Burns, Holly Lamb, Janine Cartwright, Jeffery Mitchell, Jenna Stuart, Jennifer Fisher, Jessica Bainbridge, Jodie Ellis, Jodie Grainger, Julia Mckeating, Julie Fisher, Karen Howard, Karen Lowden, Karen Scholey, Kathleen Hewitson, Kayleigh Carini, Kayleigh Hadwin, Kayleigh Murray, Kayleigh Offen, Kelli Barnes, Kerry Moore, Kirsty Bruce, Laura Hoskin, Laura Innes, Lauren Thomas, Lauren Walker, Leona Mcfarland, Linda Conway, Lindsey Dolan, Lisa Davies, Louise Mckenzie, Luciana Carini, Lynn Talbot, Marie Hall, Marion Turner, Martin Ritson, Megan Rogan, Michael Partington, Michelle Glasson, Michelle Johnston, Pamela Rothery, Pauline Tomlinson, Rachael Teasdale, Rachael Wood, Rachel Brough, Ragen Gilpin, Rebecca Mossop, Rebecca Small, Scott Graham, Shelley Ramsden, Sophie Kennedy, Stephen Hewetson, Terri Challoner, Tyrone Lister, Vicky Cairns, William Comp, Zoe Pears, Angela Rossi, Ann Marie Gale, Barbara Sheilds, Bernadette Lofthouse, Beverley Johnston, Christine Tyson, Diane Sullivan, Elizabeth Dobson, Fiona Musgrave, Helen Mcdowell, J Coyle, J Day, Jacquline Winskill, Jane Madderson, Janine Goulding, Julia Nixon, Julie Beaty, Julie Hatt, Julie Owens, Katherine Bowe, Kathryn Clark, Kayleigh Mccrickerd, Laura Kennedy, Leanne O’conner, Lisa Byres, Lynn Harrison, Marilyn Goulding, Pamela Dalzell, Sharon Thompson, Sylvia Kendall, Tracie Hadfield, Victoria Taylor, David Southward, Emma Williamson, Graham Roberts, Hugo Graham, Michael Hawkins, Phil Dew, 121 Care Agency, A Fowler, A Jones, A Jones, A L Fowler, A Moss, Abi Waller, Adam Edmonson, Adam Paxon, Adele Woodcock, Adrian Cozens, Adrian Holme, Adrian Telford, Adrian Todd, Adrian Todd, Adrianne Calsy, Aileen Brown, Al Barnes, Alan Beard, Alan Bowness, Alan Dunn, Alan Fisher, Alan Jones, Alan Joseph Clegg, Alan Keighley, Alan Kennon, Alan Kennon, Alan Lawrence Barry, Alan Lawson, Alan Morris, Alan Mounsey, Alan Prescott, Alan Purvis, Alan Smith, Alan Tyson, Alan Tyson, Alan Wilson Vicars, Alastair Macfadzean, Alex Wood, Alexandra Boardman, Ali Ross, Ali Ross, Alisha Owen, Alison Carruthers, Alison Hewitson, Alison Lewis, Alison Mary Woods, Alison Quinn , Alison Young Poole, Alistair James Hadwin, All Members Of Cockermouth Mrt, Allan Armstrong, Allan Armstrong, Allan Daniels, Allan Forster, Allan Pritt, Allan William Rigg, Allison Paterson, Alun James, Amanda Pitcher, Amanda Westgarth, Amy Irving-nicholson, Amy Linton, Amy Smith, Amy Thomson, Andras Kaldos, Andrew Barnard, Andrew Barton, Andrew Callander, Andrew Connell, Andrew Connell, Andrew Fell, Andrew Haslop, Andrew Kendall, Andrew Pratt, Andrew Senior, Andrew Webb, Andrew Wonnacott, Andy Jones, Andy Roberts, Andy Semple, Angela Dixon, Angela Glendinning, Angela Good, Angela Kendall, Angela Meadowcroft, Angela Meadowcroft, Angela Meek, Angela Nugent, Angy Morton, Ann Little, Ann Stafford, Anne Burton, Anne Jackson, Anne Woodwock, Annette Lowden, Annette Martin, Anthony Corlett, Anthony Huntington, Anthony Mccully, Anthony Webb, Arthur Lamb, Austen Raine, B Lamb, B R Merris, Bailey & Kream Entertainment, Barbara Cannon, Barbara Crellin, Barbara Lamb, Barbara Lamb, Barbara Lynn Philipson, Barbara Stoddart, Barbara White, Beck, Beth Dixon, Beth Nicholson, Bethany O’neill, Bethany Taylor, Bill Smith, Billy Miskelly, Billy Walker, Binmen, Bob James, Bob Vidler, Bracken, Brenda Mcmullen, Brian Bell, Brian Carter, Brian Christopher Wright, Brian Edward Parke, Brian Peter Shaw, Brian Sansom, Brian Stephenson, Bridget Fiona Hornsby Johns, Bryan Deakin, Bryan Wood, C Mackenzie, C Thinnesen, Cally Martin, Carl Jackson, Carl Mccallig, Carl Walmsley, Carla Arrighi, Carni Mccarron Holmes, Carni Mccarron-holmes, Carol Fiddler, Carol Hobbs, Carol May Wilson, Carol Tindall, Carole Armstrong, Caroline Ashall, Caroline Dale Edwards, Caroline Dale Edwards, Catherine Harrison, Catherine Harvey-chadwick, Catherine Mary Ann Oliver, Celia Robinson, Charles Maudling, Charlie Telford, Chc Team, Chris Corder, Chris Francis, Chris Gillyon, Chris Higgins, Chris Moffatt, Chris Todd, Chris Whiteside , Christ Haigh-prothero, Christ Poate, Christ Stapley, Christine Caddy, Christine Marie Pattinson, Christine Slater, Christine Smith, Christine Tinnion, Christopher Edmunds, Christopher Hayes, Christopher Scott, Christopher Turner, Claire Hale, Claire Lowery, Claire Martin, Claire Winter, Clare Archbold, Cleator Moor Nursery, Cohens Chemists, Colin Edgar, Craig Dring, Craig Tyson, Cumbria Scout Leaders , Cumbria Waste Recyling Team, D A Griffiths, D Hillary, D Millington, D Millington, D Sharpe, Dan Jordan, Dane Graham, Daniel Brannon, Daniel Horsley, Daniel Reed, Daniel Rudd, Daniel Young, Danielle Roscoe, Danielle Roscoe, Darrell Smith, Darrell Smith, Dave Rothery, David Alan Hully, David Allan Riley, David Allan Riley, David Anderson Halliday, David Barrow, David Bell, David Billing, David Boyd, David Boyd, David Brown, David Burn, David Colborn, David Evans, David Farrar, David Ferriby, David Hill, David Hindmarsh, David Hodson, David Horsburgh, David Hutton, David King, David King, David Lake, David Lamb, David Lockwood, David Malloy, David Pratt, David Ritson, David Robinson, David Ryland, David Ryland, David Savage, David Topliss, David Watson, David William Thomson Gray, David Willis Moore, David Wilson, David Wright, Dawn Melville , Deb Holden, Deb Holden, Debbie Taylor-davies, Deborah Cosgrove, Deborah Elizabeth Byrne, Deborah Wilkinson, Debra Wicks, Debra Wicks, Dee Butterworth, Den Bracken, Denise Rollo, Denise Volkaerts, Derek Humphreys, Don Thoburn, Donald Ferguson, Doreen Stockdale, Dorothy Laurena Routledge, Doug Lawson, Doug Lawson, Douglas Banks, Douglas Banks, Douglas Millington, Douglas Taylor Sim, Drivers At Josie’s Taxis, Duane Moran, Duncan Findlay, Duncan Miller, E D Faulkner, E K Campbell, E Martin, E Murdock, Eddie Marton, Edward Beard, Edward Newstead, Edward Surman, Edward Trafford, Edwin Dinsdale, Edwin Holliday, Eileen Teresa Eastwood, Elaine Lynch, Elaine Martin, Elaine Martin, Elaine Smith, Elizabeth Clark, Elizabeth Mawson, Elizabeth Osbourne, Elliott Cox, Elly Whiteford, Emergency Services, Emily Hudson, Emma Walker, Emmie Mclaughlin, Ennerdale Primary, Eric John Wilson, Eric Taylor, Ernie Boardman, Eva Watson-graham, Eve Gabrielle Napoletani, Ewan Hall, F Buchanan, Federica Bedendo, Fergus Kennedy, Fiona Boyle, Fiona Kendall, Frank Armstrong, Frank Morgan, Frank Pattinson, Freda Chapman, Frizington Primary, G A Everett, G Edmonson, G Everett, G Smith, Gareth Cavanagh, Gary Bowe, Gary Graham, Gary Hampson, Gary Hampson, Gary Lawson, Gary Stoker, Ged Glaister, Gemma Corrigan, Gemma Dinsdale, Gemma Robinson, Gemma Wilkinson, Geoff Carruthers, Geoff Davies, Geoff Gilmore, Geoff Williams, George Bell, George Bell, George Brown, George Crayston, George Farish, George Girvan, George Lloyd, George Mcgarr, George Scott, Geraldine Pritchard, Geraldine Pritchard, Gillian Moore, Gillian Threader, Gillian Threader, Glenis Postlethwaite, Gordon Barker, Gordon Nicolson Obe, Gordon Nicolson Obe, Grace Bennion, Graeme Forrester, Graeme Lawson, Graham Brace, Graham Calvin, Graham Little, Graham Mossop, Graham Robert Phillip Roberts, Graham Simpkins, Graham Simpkins, Graham Stamper, Graham Victor Hutson, Grant Gilmour, Gregory Singleton, Guy Browes, Gwynneth Everett, Gwynneth Everett, H Morgan, Harry Barrow, Hayley Monaghan, Hayley Rowley, Heather Johnson, Helen Barlow, Helen Fearon, Helen Fearon, Helen Mcleod, Helen Reb, Helen Thompson, Henry Sawrey-cookson, Henry Sawrey-cookson, Henry Smith, Herbert Briggs, Herbert Crossman, Hilary Harrington, Hilary Harrington, Howard Lace, hugh Brian O’kane”], Hugh Thinnesen, I Trohear, Ian Chambers, Ian Chambers, Ian Charles Warren, Ian Christopher Robson, Ian Cormack, Ian Elliott, Ian Hall, Ian Hartland, Ian Haslam, Ian Kirby, Ian Mccambridge, Ian Ridley, Ian Shaw, Isabel Burns, Isla, Ivor Fee, J C Shaw, J Conlon, J D Johnson, J Eve, J Holliday, J Mansfield, J Shaw, J Sloan, J Sloan, Jackie Byrne, Jacqueline Bowman, Jacqueline Rogers, Jacqueline Scott, Jacqueline Williams, Jacqueline Williams, James Birkett, James Cowan, James Gate, James Gaw, James Gaw, James Graham, James Lamb, James Richard Thornton, James William Naylor, Jamie Hanley, Jamie Leigh Bibby, Jan Boniface, Jan Johnson, Jane Coltman, Jane Coltman, Jane Donaldson, Jane Donaldson, Janet Hardy, Janet King, Janet Love, Janice Brown, Janice Ogilvie, Janice Wood, Janine Morton , Jared Deakin, Jason Turner, Jean Bowe, Jean Lewthwaite, Jean-ann Gate, Jeff Downham, Jeff Ferguson, Jennifer Bailiff, Jennifer Bernard, Jennifer Jakobowski, Jennifer Martin, Jennifer Metherell, Jennifer Robinson, Jenny Alexander, Jenny Bush, Jenny Whittaker, Jill Bush, Jill Bush, Jim Musgrave, Jim Parker, Jim Wilson, Jo Hannah, Joan Dunstan, Joan Graham, Joan Isabel Hully, Joan Postlethwaite, Joan Raine, Joan Raine, Joanne Collins, Joanne Dixon, Joanne Sewell, Jockey Sanderson, Joe Birkett, Joe Critchley, Joe Holliday, Joe Holliday, Joe Marrs, Joe Sandwith, John Brian Varden, John Brown, John Charles Lynch, John Charles Lynch, John Cook, John Cowan, John Crawford, John Crouch, John Dixon, John Duncan Robert Jennings, John George Thompson, John George Thompson, John Hamblin, John Harrington, John Hartley, John Hunston, John Hunter, John Joseph Dunn, John Kendall, John Mattinson, John Myers, John Newton, John Oliver, John Oliver, John Spark, John Spiers-dawson, John Stephens, John Stobbart, John Temple, John Thompson, John Wills, Jon Mountford Mellor, Jonathan Edward Gray, Jonathan Fox, Jonathan Hill, Jonathan Mattinson, Jonathan Mckinney, Jonathan Parkin, Jonny Hume, Jordan Mattinson, Joseph Graham Sunderland, Joseph Holliday, Joseph Tyson Norman, Joseph Williamson, Josh Barber, Josh Reid, Joy Pemberton-pigott, Joyce Bestford, Joyce King, Judith Derbyshire, Judith Derbyshire, Judy Sutcliffe, Jules Fisher, Julia Wrigley, Julia Wrigley, Julian Asker, Julian Cruickshank, Julie Elizabeth Nugent, Julie Huck, Julie Laidlow, Julie Lucas, Julie Mcfarland, Julie Norman, Julie Rayson, Julie Savage, Julie Whittaker, K Clarke, K Hitchen, Karen Dawson, Karen Greenwood, Karen Greenwood, Karen Hind, Karen Hodgson, Karen Howard, Karen Mcgregor , Karen Thompson, Kate Birkett, Kate Brandwood, Kate O’donovan, Katelan Johnson, Kath Leck, Katherine Horder, Kathleen Mary Cook, Kathryn Jenner, Kathryn Mitchell, Katie Coulston, Katie Dunne, Katie Hunton, Katy Jackson, Keana Hall, Keith Anthony Little, Keith Haigh Hitchen, Keith Haigh Hitchen, Keith Haigh Hitchen, Keith Launchbury, Keith Singleton, Keith Thomas, Ken Armstrong, Kenneth Myles Mawson, Kenneth Noakes, Kenneth Slone, Kenneth Stephenson, Kerry Turner, Kevin Beaty, Kevin Beaty, Kevin Drummond, Kevin Foster, Kim Lace, Kirsty-anne Barton, Kris Wilkinson, Kris Wilkinson, Kris Wilkinson, Kyle Crosby, Laura Harker, Laura Harker, Laura Morgan, Laura Proudlock, Lauren Oaten, Laurie Walton, Layla-may Finley, Leanne Kopetzki , Lee Clark, Lee Hallam, Lee Moore, Lesley Cooper, Lesley Cooper, Lesley Cooper, Lesley Cooper, Lesley Cooper, Lesley Cooper, Lesley Cooper, Lesley Coward, Lesley Read, Leslie Kyle, Liam Bates, James Walker Ltd, Liam Moorhouse, Lillian Baldry, Lily Harwood, Lin Cunningham, Linda Graham, Linda Jones-bulman, Linda Mcdonald, Linda Radcliffe, Linda Reid, Linda Rose Cass, Lindsay Hanley, Lindsey Armstrong, Linsey Wilson, Linsey Wilson, Lisa Byers, Lisa Penrice, Lisa Price, Lissie Sharp, Lissie Sharp, Lloret Gardner, Local Singers, Lorna Meadley, Lorna Wisher, Louise Maguire, Louise Pattinson, Louise Walmsley, Lucy Stevens, Lynda Maureen Hunt, Lynda Williams, Lyndsey Preston-miller, Lynne Wild, M Abbott, M Bowness, M Graham, M Harrison, Maisie Rogan, Malcolm Coates, Malcolm Graingerr, Malcolm Miller, Malcolm Mullett, Mandy Martin, Mandy Taylor, Marc Gibson, Margaret Clark, Margaret Clark, Margaret Hocking, Margaret Jean Mccartney, Margaret June Messenger, Margaret Light, Margaret Montgomery Cumming, Margaret Mynes, Margaret Patricia Nelson, Margaret Thorp, Margaret Wright, Maria Chesters-bouma, Marian Carruthers, Maria-therese Tonks, Marjorie Rae, Mark Astley, Mark Bernard Shaftesley, Mark David Kitchingman, Mark Denham-smith, Mark Fussell, Mark Giddings, Mark Greaves, Mark Hodgson, Mark Jenkinson, Mark Norman, Mark Renwick, Mark Richardson, Mark Rudhall, Mark Rudhall, Mark Swanston, Markus Campbell-savours, Marlene Jewell, Marlene Jewell, Marshalls Butchers, Martin Barbour, Martin Bell, Martin Harrison, Martin Wood, Mary Bainbridge, Mary Bradley, Mary Clark, Mary Huntington, Mary Robinson, Mary Robinson, Mary Smart, Matt Buckley, Matt Eaves, Matthew Edwards, Matthew Edwards, Maureen Johnson, Maya Wannop, Mechanics, Meg, Melanie Walker, Mercia Oliver, Mia Cavaghan, Michael Armstrong, Michael Arthur Mcveigh, Michael Cowling, Michael Cunliffe, Michael Denis Eyles, Michael Denis Eyles, Michael Eldon, Michael Garstang, Michael Hanley, Michael Hanley, Michael Heaslip, Michael John Steele, Michael Mccabe, Michael Messenger, Michael Milner, Michael Milner, Michael Milner, Michael Shepherd, Michael Slater, Michael Stanley Mckinley, Michael Stockdale, Michael Tonkin, Michael Tonkin, Michael Watts, Michele Twiss, Michelle Denwood, Mike Abbs, Mike Milner, Mike Rollison, Mike Rorke, Moira Knoery, Montreal Primary, Morwenna Spence, Mr B Rowland, Mr J Moore, Mr R Bell, Mrs P Poole, Mrs Yvonne Hey, Ms H Robbins, Muir Lachlan, Muriel Swanson, Myra Armstrong, Nadine Stainton-stevens,, Nathan Martin, Nathan Martin, Neil Ferguson, Neil Hardisty, Neil Horricks, Neil Mccall, Neil Mccall, Neil Peter Bettinson, Nicholas Frederick Ford, Nick Hayton, Nicky Gordon, Nicky Perkins, Nicola Little, Nicolas Arador Troughton, Nicole Regan, Nikki Wingfield, Norma Boyes, Normal Harrop, Norman Atkinson, Norman Braithwaite Southward, Norman Dainton, Norman Eilbeck, Norman Pearce, Nuala Dowie, Oliver Dorgan, Olivia Dsouza, Orion Cleaning, Owen Martin, P Tweddle, Pamela Christine Argyle, Pamela Jaques, Pamela Jones, Parkside Hotel, Pat Bateman, Patricia Wendy Adams, Patricia Williams, Patrick Carr, Patrick Gorrill, Patrick Mccarthy, Paul Barnes, Paul Carr, Paul Doherty, Paul Gibson, Paul Graham, Paul Knight, Paul Lucas, Paul Scott, Paul Sutton, Paul Titley, Paul Turner, Paul White, Paula Hall, Paula Taylor, Pauline Flynn, Pauline Flynn, Pauline Flynn, Pauline Hinks, Pauline Lukeman, Pauline Murray, Pauline Scott, Pete Barron, Peter Alan Rand, Peter Baker, Peter Baker, Peter Batey, Peter Blake, Peter Burns, Peter Courtier, Peter Cyril Connolly, Peter Deeks, Peter Hall, Peter Heggie, Peter Howard, Peter Hunter, Peter Kendall, Peter Little, Peter Mallyon, Peter Pearson, Peter Stewart Manning, Peter Terry, Phil Allison, Phil Dew, Phil Dew, Phil Newton, Philip Stanley, Philippa Harriet George, Postmen, R B Jackson, R Bowness, R Ives, R Murray, R Purdon, Rachel Cuthbertson, Rachel Jones, Rachel Jopson, Rachel Read, Rachel Rowe, Rachel Stables, Rachel Thompson, Raegan Blacker, Ralph Martin Mitchell, Ray Mccreadie, Ray Perry, Raymond Bailiff, Raymond Beard, Rayna Strong, Rebecca Cummings, Rebecca Hanson, Rebeka Cuthbertson, Reginald Montgomery Gallacher, Reverend Judith Morgan, Rhoda Robinson, Richard Barber, Richard Beaty, Richard Benson, Richard Gale, Richard Glynn, Richard Hodgson, Richard Johnson, Richard Kealey, Richard Matear, Richard Miller, Richard Outhwaite, Richard Parker, Richard Potter, Richard Smith, Richard Taylor, Richard Taylor, Richard Watson, Rick Petecki, Rob Abram, Rob Bell, Rob Grange, Robbie Winter, Robert Daglish, Robert Edward Jones, Robert Huck, Robert Kelly, Robert Mccracken, Robert Wilkinson, Robin Lovegrove, Robin Orchard, Robin Orchard, Rod Coy, Rodney Armstrong, Rodney Vaughan, Roger Brown, Roger Graham Braithwaite, Roger Hart, Roger Studholme, Roland Bell, Rona, Ros Berry, Ross Hayman, Roy Stenson, Russell Shane Kenworthy, Ruth Brown, Ruth Brown, Ruth Mary Peter, Ryan Briggs, Ryan Dodgson, Ryan Fitzwilliam, Ryan Lawson, Ryan Mccully, Ryan Mccully, Ryan Redmond, S Barton, S G Hitchen, S Jones, Sally Lansbury, Sally Stobbart, Sally Watson, Sam Pollen, Samantha Green, Samual Joseph Meteer, Sandra Carter, Sandra Hodson, Sandra Roberts, Sandy Lancaster, Sandy Lancaster, Sarah Bennett, Sarah Curtis, Sarah Elizabeth Wilson, Sarah Graham, Sarah Langcake, Sarah Millar, Sarah Simcox, Scott Merrin, Scott Robertson, Sean Francis Gannon, Sean Melton, Security Staff, Sharon Moore, Sharon Nawrockyj, Sharon Robinson, Sharon Stamper, Shaun Connor, Sheila Wilson, Sheila Wood, Shelley Gilchrist, Shelly Mctear, Shona Cunningham, Simon Dumbill, Simon Hey, Simon Hodgson, Simon Nicholson, Simon Riley, Simon Robins, Simone Faulkner, Siobhan Dixon, Sophie Taylor, Sophie Thomson, St Bees Primary, St Bees Rnli, St Bridget’s Catholic Primary, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary, St Patrick’s Catholic Primary, Stacey Joynes, Staff At Aldi, Staff At Allinsons, Staff At Boots, Staff At Brims Stores, Staff At Brycesons, Staff At Caterite, Staff At Cleator Moor Co-Op, Staff At Cockermouth Community Hospital, Staff At Cockermouth Post Office, Staff At Coffee Kitchen, Staff At Cumberland Building Society, Staff At Dalton Court Care Home, Staff At DHL, Staff At DPD, Staff At Fedex, Staff At Fyne Fish, Staff At Harrisons Butchers, Staff At Hermes, Staff At ICC , Staff At Kirklands Homecare, Staff At Lidl, Staff At Lindsays Butchers, Staff At Nisa, Staff At Riverside Court Care Home, Staff At Seaton Pharmacy, Staff At Slatefell Stores, Staff At Solway House, Staff At Spar, Staff At Tesco, Staff At Tms Autoparts, Staff At Travel Team, Staff At UPS, Staff At WCF, Staff At Wilkinson’s, Staff At Yodel, Staff On One Stop Shop, Stagecoach Drivers, Stanley Peel, Steffi Law, Stephanie Ekins-parnell, Stephen Andrew Glasson, Stephen Ashworth, Stephen Bell, Stephen Christopher Barnes, Stephen Jardine, Stephen John Caddy, Stephen Mcallister, Stephen Peile, Stephen Richardson, Stephen Richardson, Stephen Rumney, Stephen Spencer, Stephen Stoddart, Stephen Stoddart, Stephen Tumelty, Stephen Wharton, Steve Byrne, Steve Hannah, Steve Harwood, Steve Hepburn, Steve Irlam, Steve James, Steve Wright, Steven Brockbank, Steven Howard, Steven Routledge, Steven Wood, Stuart Fawcett, Stuart Holmes, Sue Fryer, Sue Hannah, Sue Hope, Sue Mcdonald, Susan Buckwell, Susan Carter, Susan Denham-smith, Susan Denham-smith, Susan Donachy, Susan Graham, T Armstrong, Tanya St Pierre, Teresa Fitzwilliam, Terrance Johnstone, Terry Mattinson, Thomas Higgins, Thomas Michael Sharp, Thomas Milligan, Thomas Richard Colin Wilson, Thomas Todd, Tim Cartmell, Tim Chittenden, Tim Chuttenden, Tim Hooper, Tim Horsley, Tina Fox, Tom Blakeley, Tom Chamberlain, Tom Ditchburn, Tom Johnson, Tom Mcnally, Tonia Duffy, Tonia Duffy, Tonia Rothery, Tony Corlett, Tony Dixon, Tony Gibbs, Tony Lywood, Tony Lywood, Tony Rutherford, Tony Worsley, Tracy Messenger, Tracy Walker, Trevor Dowson, Trevor Gear, Trevor Gear, Trish Heron, Tuncay Denli, Tuncay Denli, Undertakers, Val Pallister, Vici Myers, Vicky Bradley, Vicky Bradley, Vicky Leatham, Victoria Bell, Virginia Taylor, Virginia Taylor, Viv Paterson, W F N Henderson, Wayne Fox, Well Pharmacy, Wendie June Johnson, Wendy Bowe, West Lakes Academy, Will Wilkinson, William Agnew, William Brown, William Gibson, William Marrs, William Mckie, William Morton, William Nixon, William Paterson, William Patterson, William Patterson, William Pegram, William Powley, William Richardson Wood, Willie Mcquire, Wilson Reay, Wrightcare, Y Lockwood, Yvette Kahane, Yvonne Hey, Gillian Massiah, Dr John Danks, Tudor Boddam-Whetham, Charles Hope, David Sargent, Mandy Jones, Mary Edwards, Peter Clement, Colin Sands, Julie Barrett, Hugh Ellison, Andrew Gardner, Jane Boylan, Margaret Irving, Phillip Lund, Bill Maddams, Bryan Rothwell, Paul Kerry, Susan McKendry, Councillor Shaun Blezard, Kate Brown, Patricia Aguirre, Chloe Bell, Iain Mulholland, Barbara Nicholls, Janet Aitken, Cumbria Care Ulverston, Lynn Lawrence, Kevin Lawrence, Kathryn Morphet, Diane Quegan, Janet Marrison, Jane Winder, Sara Brakewell, Jo Benson, Bernie Nelson, Charlie Jackson, Councillor Allison Johnston, Natasha Frith-Williams, Sachi Dickinson, Emma Wikson, Rachel Pamely, Linda Tongue, Cara Johnston, Tesco delivery drivers, Charlotte Shannon, Sarah Morgan, Hayley Blowers, Lorraine Wright, Olivia Moore, Danielle Wright, Steph Cooper, staff at Booths in Windermere, Susan Clark, Fiona Mitchell, Lynn Bennett, Kerrie Nicolson, Lynda High, Ruth Farquhar, Marie Rogers, Marie Handcock, Lisa Crawford, Lea Marie Booth, Beth Paisley, Sandy Barker, Leigh Bianchi, Coby Leigh May, Jean Harris, Julia Battersby, Jill Breach, Becky Douglas, Daniel Bamber, Chantell Peart, Courtney Leigh, Caitlin Tilburn, Lucy Corner, Christina Ross, Carmel Burns, Nathan Garnett, Donna Zaccarini, Dion Molyneux, Deb Searle, Damo White, Jen Dockerty, Kirsty Dent, Joanne Doherty, Tracy Davis, Elaine Townson, Zoe Grierson, Julie Carole Gibney, Tracy Jones, Jacky Took, Tracy Swindells, FGH Biochemistry, Laura Tyson, Natasha Ireland, Jacqui Shuttleworth, Joanne McDougall, Janet Russell, Tami Wilkes, Toby Riddick, Stacey Lippitt, Lucy Pye, Angela Wilson, Matt Cooper, Keith Devereux, Mason Turner, Kian Turner, Tesco personal shoppers, Stephen Eacott, Hayley Jones, Michael Jones, Cheryl Smith, Kirby Edney, Joanne Bewley, Louise Griffiths, Danielle Ruddy, Thomas Warwick, Julia Edmondson, Daniella Read, Ulverston Health Centre, Katie Dixon, FGH Pathology, Andy Boyd, Andrea Graham, Lauren Graham, Helen Wilson, Michelle Cresswell, Charlotte Fisher, Cath Frank, Demi Barker, Tesco Extra in Barrow, Danielle Beddoes, Tracy Cooke, Faye Moorby, Rebecca Chelton, Samantha Lacey, Clare Irvine, Elizabeth Heffernan, Heather McMinn, Melissa Larkin, Lisa Kendall, Angela Bailey, Nicola Lacey-Smith, Joanne Steel, Joe Ogah, Sri Vittala, Allison Bayliff, Sucheta Chatterjee, South Cumbria Dementia Assessment Unit, Victoria Wilson, Courtney Murphy, Christopher Marston, Roxanne Ward, Nicola Bruff, Heather Parkin, Karen Davis, Shehz Abdulla, Edward Stanton , Ola Yahaya, Daniel Fishwick, Louise Downing , Kimberley Griffiths, FGH Microbiology, Lauren Quinn, Wendie Hool, Michelle Quinn, Rosie Scott, Yasmin Schwer, Sarah Richardson, Jacqui Sommerville, Charlotte Benson, Laura Coward, Victoria Chesher, Anna Tormey, Helen Parker, Simone Carter, Cumbria County Council’s reablement team, Andrea Rose, Sarah Buttress, Angela Carter, Carol Greenall, Martina Bickerdike, Neil Hughes, Zak Kershaw, Nadine Corrance, Natalia Kershaw, Owen Blundell, James Johnson, Amy Johnson, Dave Beale, Aaron Waterson, Kate Stamp, Sarah Miles, Jackie Moffett, Daniel Moffett, Kerry Long, Stephen Fretwell, Steven Lancaster, Brenda Gray, Kevin Hamilton, Hoi Ying Lee, Chloe Conroy, Marie Handcock, Natasha Lomas, Steve Gaydon, Dalton Community First Responders, Nikki Jo Flockhart, Sharon Walton, Sara Moore, Bethan Wallace, Courtney Huddleston, Paula Currie, Judith Craig, Georgia Hall, Louise Jones, Louise Linton, Shannon Crayston, Market Street Medical Practice in Dalton, Keith Hitchen, Chris Hogg, Carol Brady, Kyli Allsopp Croft, Stuart Evans, Baxter Storey, Jess Boardman, Ange Carter, Vikki Price, Sue Blowers, Damien Lippitt, Shaz Patrick, staff at Roose Road in Barrow, Kat Hine, Julie Greenway, Joyce Brown, Christine O’Flynn, Alexia, Tim, Richard Simpson, Paul Harris, Jimmy Howarth, Rhys Maitchell, Andrew Fox, Rachel Howarth, Janine Merchant, security guards at Tesco Extra in Barrow, Karen Lockney, Katie Caine, staff at Dowdales School, Dionne Rutherford, Ostley House, Abbie Herdman, Diane Taylor, Brett McDermott, Scott McDermott, Ged McDermott, Alisha Wilkinson, Alina Ionescu, Hannah Taylor, Emma Caine, Jade McKell, April Jones, Charlotte Elson, Georgina Mellor, Dave Watson, Zoe Flitters, Cindy Reynolds, Danielle Harrison, Donna Phillips, Julia Edmondson, Ruth McDonald, Liam McClure, Sean McMahon, Danielle Milner-Colebrook, Cumbria View Care Services, Molly-Jo Fischer, Vikki Callison, Chad Shearman, Brian Hazlehurst, Mandy Jones, Michelle Williamson, Denise Bone, Kiera Watson, Katie Hutchings, Pat Bowes, Mandy Ross, Sarah Quayle, Gemma Hyde, Olivia Meadows, Angie Hudson, Rick Howarth, Lesley Howarth, Demi Heighton, Justine Robinson, Lauren Eva, Rachael White, Anna McGerty, Kate McGerty, Claire Kaye, Michaela Halliday, Ian Lewis, Mandy Wadsworth, Wendy Cherry, Howard Bullas, Vicki Caine, Leanne Hotchkiss, Kim Jones, Anne Rollinson, Laura Todd, Marie Handcock, Bill McEwan, Carol Perry, Jenna Calldine, Shared Lives Cumbria, Pete McSweeney, Amy Fenton, Cumbria Care Supported Living, Berni Rafferty, Shane Charnley, Marc McAloone, staff at Safari Zoo in Dalton, Ashleigh Morton, Lisa McNulty, Alan McNulty, Kelly Connor, Tracy Collighan, Amy Green, Abby Green, Hazel Sandham, Karen Donnan, Paul Wilkes, Chantelle Blakeborough, Danny Leigh, Jasmine Gray, Ian Lewis, Tasha Patel, Hazel Patel, Jessica Emanuel, Neil Wise, Phil Grant, Sarah Heseltine, Joanne Callister, Stephanie Goodger, Callum Redshaw, Georgia Hall, Sarah Beddoes, Jennifer Deelay, Emily Shields, Ebony Rattray, Lorna Park, Paula Edge, Helen Walker, Tony Harris, Sarah Richardson, Alison Doyle, Andrea Graham, Lauren Graham, Charlotte Fisher, Helen Wilson, Michelle Cresswell, Nicola Comish, Carol McCormack, Emma Bewley, Tyler Martin, Susan Hornby, Chloe Forsyth, Lynne Ashton, Norma Carter, Lynn Askew, Joanne Maguire, Alicia Bennett, Jessica Doyle, Stephanie Leech, FCC staff at Walney Road and Salthouse Road, Rachel Tyson, Risedale Nursing Home, Tracy Mulholland, Megan Connolly, Becki Butcher, Carol Mulvey, Swarthdale Nursing Home, Richard Tavernor, Helen Barker, Samantha Thompson, Tracey Thompson, Claire Zaccarini, Kirsty Ormand, Linda Kendall, Olav Ommer, Danielle Spiers, Alison McLachlan, Sara Colterd, Carol Colterd, Caro McAlister, Courtney Singleton, Mandy Singleton, Jasmin Turner, Neal Tyson, Ad Valorem Northern, Magalie Ghuman, Jackie Equicia, Di Wilkes, Sara Couts, Anita Spears, Sue Thomson, Sol Wielkopolski, Jayne Jones, Kelly Wadsworth, Maggie Fisher, Natalie Pelter, Teresa Edney, Kirsty Ann Lopez, Tracy Lees, Chris Salisbury, Cath Thorpe, Robbie Scrogham, Linda Rankin, Annette Partridge, Chris Prosser, Hannah Rankin, Denise Cook, Gillian Bowd, Mirriam Barrow, Ang McPhilips, Micheal Dryden, Brendon Duffy, Andrea Nickol, Julie Fawcett, Lisa McGarry, Marie Skyrme, Daniel Shakespeare, Faye Hoggarth, Dianne Wilkie, Caroline Bonner, Ashleigh Bonner, Rachel Bloor, Steven Fleming, Lisa Dixon, Donna Park, Caitlin Kyte, Janet Willis, Michaela Halliday, Peter Thornton, Chloe Martin, Jasmine Martin, Maria Postlethwaite, Carmen Thompson, Amanda Bridge, Liz Ablitt, Deb Smith, Ian Smith, Faye Smith, Becca Corless, Mick Cull, Dawn Hubbold, Jessica Corless, Hazel Flood, Helen Wall, Bill Wearing, Faye Moorby, Karen Laing, Shannon Etchells, Hannah Fell, Ailsa Howitt, Andrea Kenny, Paula Chesher, Aaron Higgins, Amy Meehan, Elmhurst Residential Care Home, Dr Hannah Kolbe, Sammie Johnson, Helen Johnson, Lauren Kirby, Katie Gaskell, Vicky Pearce, Chloe Nicole Gelling, Betty Searle, Jessica Shaw, Tasha Brown, Ashleigh Smith, Annette O’Donaghue, staff at Relia Care, Mark Lennon, Mark Wilson, Alison Quinn, Frances Bilton, Dawn Denby, Jeffrey Jose Hipolito, Aimee Anne Springthorpe, Amy Raine Benson, Rebecca Richards, Courtney Leigh Gellately, Jax Wilson, Kaitlyn Young, Carlie Bamber, Sam Kate Butler, Jasmine Hamilton, Ashleigh Hilton, Kim Stanaway, Alex Douglas, Chelsea Cranston, Chantelle Thompson, Michael Ray, Stephen Quinn, Cumbria Care Supported Living, all the staff at Home Bargains in Dalton Road including Fran, Jade Armstrong, Julie Woodburn, Nikki Marwood, Doug Wilson, Charlotte Harris, Marc Kyte, Nicola Tippett, Angela Bonner, One Stop Shop in Mill Lane, Elizabeth Coutts, Kelly Viceroy Grieve, Ellie Tomkinson, Michelle Holden, Caroline Woods, Sandra Balm, Karen Grainger, Sarah Hopkins, Victoria Shakespeare, Victoria Broadfoot, Mel Worth, Leanne Kirkby, Jacqueline Whyte, Jason Shaw, Holly Coulton, Charlie Jackson, Sharon Wilson, Shaz Patrick, Jackie McCarthy, Sue Blowers, Christine O’Flynn,Vikki Price, Kelly Thorogood, Shazz Lucker, Scott Salton, Monika Sinca, Janis Hird, Barry Jones, Leigh Anne Warne, Rebecca Hill, Carl Baines, Connor Dougan, Steve Atwell, Dawn Baker, Nicola Egerton, Kelly Grieve, Aldingham Nursing Home, Peter Steel, Victoria Clarke, Nanette Murray, Tegan Sharp, Gary Knight, Andy Painter, Paul Dean, Dez Grierson, Craig Todd, Dianne Long, Nina Lockerie, Abby Taylor, Helen Parkinson, Cara Laisby, Gaynor Crosby, Rebecca Hillman, Robert Weston, Deryn Grierson, Keeley Grierson, Nancy Sherman, Marie Buck, Karen Weakley, Becca Sheldon, Anne Benn, Kimberley Benn, Sharon Tranter, Tina Thompson, Angela Carter, Carol Greenall, Gemma Kershaw, Jennifer Cox, staff at Staveley House in Dalton including Rebecca Dickerson, Joanne Rodgerson, Angelina and Lucy, Boots, Trudy Shaw, Rachel Hoggarth, Jess Callister, Demi Weall, Kayla Shepherd, Beth Brand, Chapel Street Infant and Nursery School in Dalton, Emma Grierson, Maxwell Chapman, Bethany Troddan, Bargain Booze, Ella Haslam, Bethan Comish, Emma Wilkinson, Michelle Comish, Gaynor Killip, Donna Robinson, Kay Gabriel, Julie Robinson, Samantha Warburton, Samantha Davis, Kelly Toal, Sammie Johnstone, Suzanne Mayor, Nora Okechukwu, Sarah Williams, Carol Taylor, Tasha Patel, Hazleen Patel, Geff Patel, Lata Patel, Sandra Beckman, Emma Surgenor, Karra Taylor, Mandy Gornall, Gail Waterworth, Di Johnson, Lucy Williams, Specsavers, Chad Shearman, Christine Corkill, Lauren Corkill, Barry Cherry, Lisa Cherry, Pam Cooper, Sonia Anderson, Hayley Kennedy, Kim Drewery, Demi O’Brien, Peter Clark, Margaret White, Simon Crompton, Cheryl Clarke, Alin Airinei, Iuliana Airinei, Pete’s Fruit and Veg, Little Simon’s Marketplace, Farmfoods, Barbara Crickett, Claire Crickett, Stacey Anne Lindsay, Amanda Hatton, Kelsey Yung, Jun Yung, Roy Anthony Holmes, Nicola Smith, Matthew Heaton, Joe Dowesett, Traci Michelle Leeder, Paul Lowden, Shannen Peet, Tony Wharton and Helen Wharton at Greenbanks Florists in Kendal, Alan Muil and Pauline Muil at Sandylands Post Office in Kendal, Catherine Bonham, Ted Jackson, Ulverston Day Services, Shaz Patrick, William Meadowcroft, Royal Mail, Amy White, Sophie Ward, George Stubbs, Nicola Anderson, Kevin Jones, Sharon Etchells, Georgia Bell, Carol Bell, Chelsea Bell, Megg Wright and Marie Croasdell at McColls in Ulverston, Simone Carter, Nikki Carter, Tracy Carter, Terry Thompson, Joanne Dawson, Melissa Dawson, Hannah Rankin, Eve Procter, Donna Armstrong, Stephen Armstrong, Derrick Tyson, Sue Milligan, Ellie Helm, Emily Millard, Alicia Jade Friend, Sharon Goodwin, Lucy Corner, Stu Landsburgh, Caroline McGuirk, Sharon Foden, David White, Jay Foden, Lisa Hock, Abigail Groves, Darryl Groves, Jordan Mutton, Maddie Alty, Laura Hinde, Diane Sear, Diane Frith, Marie Rogers, Kathryn Morphet, Diane Quegan, Janet Marrison, Jane Windee, Sara Brakewell, Charlie Jackson, Joanne Benson, Bernie Nelson, Emma Wilson, Sachi Dickinson, Hayley Blowers, Cara Johnson, Ashleigh Mayvers, Sarah Morgan, Charlotte Shannon, Rachel Pamely, Linda Tongue, Anne-Marie Kitchin, Phil Hunter, Joanne Mcleavy, Rosie Caruthers, Jane Bower, Maddie Heslop, Jennifer Lawrenson, Hilary Emerson, Faye Wilkinson, Sarah Boyd, Rachel Buxton, Phillipa Balmer, Andrea O’Connor, Abi Robson, Angela North, Pam Carutherrs, staff at Securitas, Angela Saunderson, Father Emmanuel Gribben, Lorren Brown, Mandy Patterson, Caroline Smith, Gary Green, Brigid Shurgold, Susie Tucker, Sarah Robinson, Hayley Hill at Heydays, Emma Hall at Combe Care, Mike Braithwaite at MSH Health care in Dalton, Amanda Harrop, Chloe Morgan, Sharon Wilson, Marcus Baron, Maxine Baron, Katie Ann Swarbrick, Tariq Undre, Sharon Clark, Emma Clark, Tyne Wharton, Jason Shaw, Jessica Shaw, Chris Bannerman, Yasmin Phillips, Hannah Wheeler,  Jackie George, Sharron Melon, Andria Ray, Sandra Helyer, Holly Evans, Jonathan Bell, Duncan Gordon, Debbie Smith, Marie Connor, Nicola Bruff, Jamie Mulholland, Nakia Merchant, Emma Dixon, Sue Allen, Katie Hunt, Ann Bell, Cath Donkin, Louise Herbert, staff at Cartmel Grange Care Home, Lesley Ackred, Susan Adams, Angela Antonucci, Alan Armistead, James Ashton, Mayuri Ayre, Margaret Bailey, Carmen Ball, Valerie Bartlett, Caitlin Bilton, Hollie Bilton, Katherine Blackledge, Emma Bradshaw, Julie Bright, Elizabeth Brolly, Margaret Brown, Kevin Burrow, Rhonda Chichester, Chantelle Cloudsdale, Sarah Corkill, Kevin Corkish, Sarah Crouch, Sarah Currin, Diane Deakin, Paul Dickinson, Jeffery Dodson, Neil Drummond, George Filip, Charlotte Flunder, Jane Flunder, Kayleigh Flynn, Amy Forbes-Adam, Chelsey Geddes, Tracy Goodrum, Stephanie Grayless, Jessica Greenwood, Jayne Griffiths, Amanda Hall, Cara Harper, Samantha Harrison, Gill Heal, Elizabeth Hill, Sheena Hill, Ashley Hilton, Michelle Howson, Darius Hryniewicz, Natasha Hunter-Catarall, Jessica Irwin, Mike Ivison, Tammy Jackson, Patrick Jeffs, Linda Johnson, Nicola Johnson, Mini Joseph, Virginia Knox, Patricia Lansdowne, Joan Lloyd, Heather Lovell, Susannah Macdonald, Alexandru Mania, Stefana Mania, Aleksandra Marciniec, Gillian Marshall, Philip Marshall, Nicola McRoberts, Laura Meehan, Ratchanee Merrifield, Peter Millea, Stephanie Miller, Lisa Millington, Karl Morgan, David Morris, Teresa Morrison, Samantha Nelson, Rachel Nicholson, John O’Neill, Nicola Owen, Margaret Parkinson, Russell Parkinson, Sue Pattinson, Ian Perry, Bet Pocklington, Hayley Potter, Heather Price, Kirk Robson, Lucy Rowland, Megan Savage, Lyn Scattergood, Diasha Scholey, Suzanne Scholey, Innes Scrimgeour, Andrew Senior, Barbara Shorten, Katrina Shortland-Hall, Dana Sirghie, Laura Slee, Rachel Smith, Carrie Speirs, Gemma Taylor, Kymberley Taylor, Nicholas Taylor, Garry Thompson, staff at Booths in Kendal, Erin Brady, Julie Trafford, Henry Trigo, Daniel Waiting, Angela Walsh, Peter Ward, Shirley Wild, Melanie Williamson, Joscie Wilson, Jill Wood, Robert Young, Naomi Doherty, Michael McCabe, Joanne Golightly, Karen Allanson, Vickie Martin, Leanne Mattimore, Lorna Simpson, Paris Parker, Laura Metcalfe, Jasmin Turner, Keith Devereux, Emma White, Roy Mowbray, Gary Salmon, Claire Kaye, Carol Brady, Nikki Jo Flockhart, Louise Brocklebank, Sylvia Bland, Nicola Morris, Anne Benson, Paul Douglas, Helen Manning, Sue Steele, Sue Hamilton, Liz Sinclair, Margaret Davis, Jo Webster, Mark Lennon, Natalia Wirkus, Paula Herbert, Claire Kyte, Stephanie O’Leary, Chris Densley, Paige McAlinden, Toby Riddick, Olivia Kell, staff at Booths in Ulverston, Rebecca Wearing, Kimberley Wright, Mel Robinson, Chelsea and Robyn Kenyon, Gavin Langhorn, Mira Hristova, Cesca Helm, Elizabeth Fermoyle, James Marshall, John Johnson, Sarah Martin, Allison Mcewan, Charlie Gibbons-Rossall, Heather Barnes, Julie Watterson, Nicola Johnson, Lewis Henry, Toni Roberts, Amanda Holmes, Sue Rawlinson, Vicky Rawlinson, Naomi Mills, Samantha Warburton, Shel Stanford, Cheryl Martin, Lucy Proctor, Chloe Forsyth, Charlotte Copeland, Scott Paterson, Anne Sanderson, Lynn Buttress, Donna Nelson, Brian Heavyside, Rachael Herrington, Raven and Summer at Station View in Barrow, Michelle Dougan-Snow, Sue Campbell, Joseph Corrance, Michelle Corrance, Erin Bradbury, Diane Wharton, Jess Wilson, all staff at the four Risedale care homes in Barrow, Ann White, Jessica Goodwin, Lee Thorne, Sophie Broadbent, Andy Travis, Simon Craig, Dean Crossman, Rebecca Caine, Pamela English, Samantha English, James Mcluskie, Rebecca Round, Chris Quayle, Kieran Blanshard, Lynn Askew, Norma Carter, Helen Barker, Jess Wilson, Mike Graham, Lesley Hoodless, Victoria Broadfoot,  Anne Comish, Kelly Penaluna, Bethan Jayd Comish, Dawn Green, Nicola Comish, Nicola Smith, Samantha Warburton, Clare Gower, Tracy Mulholland, Megan Connolly, Kay Gabriel, Julie Robinson, Samantha Davies, Samantha Warburton, Katie Spence, Kelly Toal, Suzanne Mayor, Bethany Campbell, Amba Hughes, Amanda Bridge, Elaine Dixon, Ellysha Dixon, Marie Shepherd, Carol McQuistan, Paul Milburn, Roger Exley, Simon Morgan, Shane Parkinson, Peter Duffy, Jim Bailey, Graham Barker, Scott Beckman, Alison Birtle, Pete Braithwaite, Karen Brewer, Russ Brown, Jeff Carroll, Mike Comber, James Cuthbert, Wayne Dixon, Stuart Dolan, Iain Emms, Becky Gunson, Richard Hartley, Paula Hillman, Len Irvine, Geoff Jolliffe, Selina Jolliffe, Simon Laheney, Rob McClymont, Gary McDonald, Chris Clouter, Ben Merriman, Katherine Parkinson, Charlotte Prentice, Craig Regan, Trystan Roberts, Emma Griffiths, Dawn Pritchard, Linda Jones, Gemma Brown, Gabby Beckman, Emily Hornby, staff at Shed 1 Gin in Ulverston, Emelye Armstrong, Trish Harker, Katie Brown, Karen Walker, Sam Loughran, Beth Hackett, Ellen Charnley, Sophie Hambly, Neeve Hogan, Adele Johnson, Mandi McQuillan, Charlotte Sheppard, Jessica Williams, Mandy Crabtree, Sharon Crosthwaite, Jen Cox, Northern Rail, Lou Chilton, Lynne Marklew, Jackie Dillon, Carol Champion, Human Support Group, Adrienne Beattie, Lauren Hoyland, Deryn Grierson, staff at Forge Europa, Carly McAloone, Laura Morrow, Sam Young, Marc McAloone, Joanne Clark, Stuart Cairns, Network Rail, Clare Irvine, Electricity North West, Hannah Burton, Julie Comish, Joe Comish, Hannah Brown, Michael Comish, Mandy Crabtree, Charley Louise Todd, Kim Jones, Natalie Tippett, Hollie Bilton, Caitlin Bilton, Rosie-May Jenkinson, United Utilities, Shannon Jones, Kathryn Morphet Wearing, Home Bargains, Emily Leeder, Nicola Comish, staff at Oxley Group in Ulverston, Felicia Coetzee, Abigail Whitaker, Kerry Thompson, staff at B&Q in Barrow, all staff at Cohen’s Chemists, Rickie Wallbank, Ian Westall, Laura Seel, Jacqui Cottam, Stephen Whitehouse, Laura Park, John Natlacen, Jules Natlacen, Rosie Addison, Jenny Addison, Councillor Giles Archibald, Councillor Tina Becker, Councillor Andy Blackman, Councillor Kate Simpson, Councillor Jonathan Brook, Councillor Stephen Coleman, Councillor Geoffrey Cook, Councillor Jonathan Cornthwaite, Councillor Julia Dunlop, Councillor Adam Edwards, Councillor Shirley Evans, CouncillorAlvin Finch, Councillor Patricia Gibson, Councillor Carol Hardy, Councillor Eamonn Hennessy, Councillor Chris Hogg, Councillor Rachael Hogg, Councillor Helen Ladhams, Councillor Susanne Long, Councillor Dave Miles, Councillor Michele Miles, Councillor Jonathan Owen, Councillor Doug Rathbone, Councillor Chris Rowley, Councillor Matthew Severn, Councillor Richard Sutton, Councillor Guy Tirvengadum, Councillor Graham Vincent, all staff at Asda, FCC Environment, BAE Systems Submarines, Twilight Years, Gillian McCarten, Katrina Irvine, Amy Meehan, Zoe Marshall, Tracy Mulholland, Susan Pattinson, Simone Carter, Ben Shirley, Simon Fell, Charlotte Louise, Lucy Clackett, Paula Herbert, Dawn Hunter, Lynn Askew, Norma Carter, Helen Barker, Jess Wilson, Joanne McLeavy, Pippa Whitehead, Terry Thompson, Councillor James Airey, Councillor Ben Berry, Councillor Matt Brereton, Councillor Anne Burns, Roger Bingham, Stan Collins, Geoff Cook, Hilary Carrick, Nick Cotton, Phil Dew, Councillor Des English, Shirley Evans, Councillor Helen Fearon, Tim Farron, Trudy Harrison, Derek Gawne, Marilyn Dacre, Richard Butler, Gail Bundy, Aaron Cummins, Councillor Angela Dixon, Councillor Ruth Peter, Councillor Janice Brown, Councillor Bob Kelly, Councillor Barbara Crellin, Councillor Sandra Carter, Councillor Tony Dixon, Councillor Tess Fitzwilliam, Councillor Simon Donnelly, Councillor Richard Pattinson, Councillor David Billing, Councillor Jenn Jakubowski, Councillor Rebecca Cummings, Councillor Graham Brace, Councillor Simone Faulkner, Andrea Kenny, Shannon Etchells, Westmorland Home Care, Anita Lewis, Cara Laisby, Councillor Trevor Biggins, Councillor Steve Biggins, Steph Leech, all the catering staff at FGH, the team at Spirit Energy in Barrow, Underley Garden School, Steph McGill, Teresa Mulvey, the GPs and nurses working at Cumbria Health On Call, Danielle Fisher, Tarn House in Mill Lane on Walney, staff at Co-operative food in Dalton, Aydin Saraldi, Emma Smith, Sarah Preece, Natalie Hodgson, Annie Rigg, Suzanne Carrington.