A PRIMARY school has shared a message of love and hope for its pupils.

Teachers from Brampton Primary School teamed up to produce a heartwarming video for the pupils who are currently off school.

The video shows all of the teachers and teaching assistants in their homes each adding to a piece of paper that is then thrown to the next.

The end result is a lovely message letting the students know that everyone at the school misses them.

Richard Clark, headteacher of Brampton Primary School, said: “We just thought that it would put a smile on the children’s faces.

“It’s a lovely thing to make people feel some positivity in a time of difficulty, it is a good thing.

“We’ve have also made other videos for the school. There are stories, songs and challenges that we did.”

It was put together by Chris Armstrong, the deputy headteacher, and there is even an appearance from a T-Rex at one point in the video.

The video was so realistic some people even thought the teachers were breaking social distancing.

Messages shared on the video talk about how lovely it is and how it put a smile on their faces, and their children’s faces, to see it.

“I’m absolutely amazed – we have had thousands of views so far on it, I just can’t believe we’re into 3,000-plus views,” said Mr Clark.

“The comments that we have had, some saying it’s making them emotional and just saying things that they love to see the teachers, teaching assistants, and the staff.

“And also that they are missing us as well, which is really nice.”