A neighbourhood in west Cumbria have joined forces to brighten up their environment and put smiles on faces during the lockdown through street art.

Residents of Oak Bank in Whitehaven have decorated the pavement in a show of community spirit in spite of isolation.

Suzanne Wilson, a resident of the area explained how it all started.

“One of our neighbours bought some chalk and started writing messages when it was a birthday or an anniversary.”

Messages of congratulations and solidarity can be seen from residents’ second story windows.

Children from the area started adding portraits so that it looks like they are all holding hands, something that they do not get to do during the social distancing restrictions brought on by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Suzanne said: “They’re all really different, they are all individual.”

Children even illustrated their pets in the row of Oak Bank residents.

The idea was first started by children who live on the street but the adults soon got involved.

As well as drawing self portraits on the street, residents of Oak Bank wrote messages of thanks to NHS and key workers who are on the front-line of the coronavirus relief effort.

“We all felt quite inspired by it all” said Suzanne.

She added that the activity was a much needed boost of positivity for everyone involved.

“It just gave us all something to focus on.

“It’s just so nice, when you look out of the window, we’re all out there holding hands.

Suzanne works in community development and is a research fellow in social inclusion at the University of Central Lancashire.

She added that is was heartening to see social inclusion and community spirit on her street with a project that came together organically.

“It’s so nice to look out the window and see it.

"I’m working from home at the minute but this is what I do as I job.

“Everyone is saying ‘we’re going to have a street party when all of this is over.”