A Workington couple will use their food van to help feed essential workers tomorrow.

Simon Mattinson and his wife Kay, from Sizzling Simon's, have been given money from the fundraising group Martin Clark #helptheheroes nap group to cover all food costs.

They will prepare and cook bacon sandwiches and cheese burgers and provide a hot or cold drink to feed essential workers including police officers, fire fighters, ambulance and NHS staff, bin workers and postal workers.

The van will set up from 7.30am tomorrow on Whitehaven Miner's pub car park, near the recreation ground.

They will be using strict social distancing measures at the van to ensure everyone is kept safe.

They are NOT open to the public and will not be taking money, but are happy to give their time to help out.

From the car park base, people will be helping to transfer food to a variety of places including: Egremont post office at 7.45am, sandwiches to West Cumberland Hospital and to Parton for railway workers carrying out emergency repair work, a 12.30pm delivery to the fire station and to many care homes.

Simon said he expects to be feeding around 360 people tomorrow.

He said: "I think it is absolutely incredible that there is a lot of people that don't get the recognition that they deserve, the bin lads, carers, home helps and so on are right at the front.

"I would like to give the biggest thanks to Martin Clark from Whitehaven and his family, they have made hampers up and dropped them off at care homes."

They would like to do the same in Workington next week and are appealing for the use of a large car park that they can use.

If anyone is willing to let them set up the van in their car park and thinks they have a suitably large enough space, can they contact Simon Mattinson on: 07716 118230.