An ancient far-eastern tradition is helping an elderly dog from Thursby to get back on his feet.

Diesel, a 14-year-old Labrador cross, is being treated with acupuncture by Paragon Vets in Dalston as an alternative arthritis treatment to pain killers.

Jacqui Dally, Diesel’s owner, can now take him out and about on walks again as the treatment is proving to be a success.

She said: “He doesn’t chase the rabbits like he used to, but he can go for a walk for an hour.

“The improvement wasn’t immediate, but I see a big difference now.

“He is moving easier, and up and going forward instead of trailing behind.

“It took about four or five sessions before I noticed the change.”

Diesel was on pain killers to help with his arthritis but blood tests soon showed that this was having an impact on his kidneys.

Jacqui was worried that after coming off the medication the pain from the arthritis was going to stop her dog from being able to go out on walks.

She said: “He had borderline renal failure, so we stopped it.

“He was slowing down and a bit arthritic and unsure on his back end at times.”

Laura Binnie, a vet at Paragon, suggested acupuncture instead.

It’s a treatment she has been using on dogs for nine years - and one that she has used herself.

The needles are inserted into the body for up to 10 minutes which stimulates pain relief and releases positive hormones.

Laura said: “Acupuncture is a far eastern treatment. There is evidence of it having been used 3,000 years ago. We use it with a more western approach.

“What I’m targeting with the needles are trigger points, tense nodules you can get in the muscles such as when you have been sitting at a computer all day.”

Diesel gets his acupuncture treatment fortnightly which Jacqui believes has “been worthwhile”.