A MILKMAN who has worked tirelessly to serve Copeland has stepped-up his efforts to support the community in light of the coronavirus.

Bill Adair is 75, but despite his age he has widened his round to deliver essentials to people who are struggling to access food following the pandemic outbreak.

Bill, of Drigg, has worked in Copeland for over 40 years bringing milk and eggs to people’s doorsteps.

His customers included residents in Whitehaven, Kells, Bransty and Cleator Moor, but now he is also operating in Parton, Lowca and Low Moresby.

His son Luke said Bill has been working tirelessly through the worst of weathers over the years, but snow, strong winds, floods, storms and freezing temperatures have never stopped him.

Luke added: “ He never lets anything get in the way of ensuring his customers always get their products .

“He refuses to let his customers down due to the coronavirus despite the odds, he can see that people need him more than ever.

“Some of his customers are elderly and disabled and they have always had the reassurance he would deliver.

“He says this will never change as long as he is able.

“I would just like to congratulate my father on his dedication to the community and applaud him on his bravery.

“To Bill, my dad, the fastest milkman in the West, 75 years of age and still going strong.

“Even coronavirus can’t make him retire.”

Bill started as a dairy farmer and bought the original milk round in 1978.

Over the years he went from having 1,500 customers down to 400, but he reckons that has now risen to 500.

He said: “I won’t stop until I drop, I mostly serve elderly people and a lot of them are self-isolating, some customers buy a lot of milk because they share it out with their family.

“I’m getting more demand with the current situation in supermarkets.”

People who are self-isolating are struggling to book delivery slots for food from major supermarket chains, leaving them to rely on either small independent businesses or family and friends.

Groups have also been set up around the country to support the most vulnerable and ensure they have access to essential items and services.

Bill has never missed a round in his career.

The only time he missed part of his deliveries was during the 80s when some roads were closed due to the snow.

“I still managed to get the milk to shops in Whitehaven, I had a four-wheel drive so most times I could get to my customers, but the roads were shut.”

And Bill also said in all his career he has never seen anything like the current situation.

“I’ve never seen anything like this with the coronavirus, people are grateful for the deliveries I bring.”