STUDENTS at a Carlisle school have been getting to grips with virtual lessons at home, delivered remotely by teachers during the Coronavirus pandemic.

All lessons for senior school pupils at Austin Friars school, Etterby Scaur, are being delivered online whilst the school is closed and the students are in lockdown.

Lessons take place using audio, screen-sharing and a live chat facility so pupils can contact the teacher to ask for help should they have any questions.

Homework is also set and pupils email it back to their teachers for marking.

The feat was made possible after pupils attended training sessions, to use the technology, before the school's closure to ensure teaching could continued through the crisis.

In place of PE students however there is a weekly physical skills challenge with pupils competing to beat the teacher at a specific skill each week, such as keepy uppies with a football.

The challenge will change each week, and is designed to be completed in the pupils’ gardens - giving them the opportunity to spend some competitive time outdoors.

In getting to grips with working remotely Year 7 pupil, Samuel Edmondson, said: "It was a bit tricky sorting out the technology at first but I have got used it now and it is nice to be in daily contact with my teachers and friends."

Headteacher, Matt Harris, said: “Churchill famously said 'It is no use saying we are doing our best.

"You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary'- the whole Austin Friars community have embraced this mantra by making sure we’re succeeding in doing whatever is necessary to effectively deliver a meaningful and enriching education by all means available.

"Effective teaching and learning has taken place during this last week which has ensured the experience for our pupils, whilst undoubtedly different, has been structured and rigorous.

"We’re confident that, with the continued engagement of our community, we can continue to add very significant value to the personal and academic development of every pupil at Austin Friars.”