One village is certainly filled with busy bees, with a group putting together a radio station to help each other through the challenge of isolation.

Residents of St Bees are putting their individual skills to use, coming up with the St Bees Community Radio to get everyone involved and communicating during this uncertain time.

Creative team Charles Bagshaw, Demi McDowell, Nathan Steele, Chris Lockie, Dave Morgan and Lee Shackley are behind the project, and hope to see the whole village and beyond spurred on by their station.

“We hope to keep us all sane during lockdown!” Charles said, explaining why the channel was set up.

“Mainly in this crazy time, it gives the community a way of staying in contact – those totally isolated do not feel alone, we can share important service announcements about volunteer networks, home deliveries etc.

He added: “It’s also for the community to share their talents, and finally to give folk something to do during lockdown.”

The community radio runs all day, every day, and is based at each of the organiser’s homes, being organised from their phones and laptops.

And although an auto-pilot DJ is going through playlists day-to-say, with users requesting songs and musicians holding their own live sessions, and even a Vicar’s Thought of the Day segment, the team behind the radio and the Bees Bash are always looking for more help.

“Anyone who wants to join in is welcome to,” Charles said.

“Whether they’re a graduate, or a young kid who wants to learn something new – everyone can take part.”

He added: “If after all this people have added experience to their CVs, or learnt a new skill or career ambition, then some positive came from the experience.

“We also hope that the artists contributing can widen their audience as a minimum – many have seen all/most of their work dry up.”

The station also has special themed hours and pre-recorded slots, including audio book, literary, jazz, rock ‘n’ roll and kids hours.

And With 1,000 listeners since launching at the weekend, it’s safe to say the community radio is taking off, and the team couldn’t be more pleased.

Charles said: “A week ago I didn’t know how to set up a radio station, and now it’s up and running – it’s a bit mad!”

To have a listen, head to

For more details on how to get involved, visit the radio’s Facebook page and Instagram.