A Cumbrian manufacturer that held an event to give away thousands of pounds worth of educational play equipment and furniture on Budget Day says the event went really well.

Wigton-based Twoey had between £6,000 and £8,000-worth of equipment to give away to Cumbrian schools and nurseries at a drop-in even held last month on Wednesday, March 11.

The products were made up of ex-display models, samples and end of lines which Twoey's management felt as though they should be put to good use.

Johanne Miller, the Managing Director, said: "I can say the event went down extremely well and there have been many local educational establishments who are very happy with their give aways.

"We ended up having to close the registration of the event and limiting the admission to 50 as we had over 100 applicants.

"We drew lots for our bigger items and most of the winner have been to collect them.

"Together with our products from our indoors and outdoor ranges we had lots of products from our Glo and Learning ranges and they all went in the first 30 minutes.

"We’ve since had many appreciative messages from people who benefited from the event and one lady kindly brought us numerous cakes as a thank you which we shared amongst the team.

"The event also managed to raise £217 for Eden Valley Hospices Jigsaw Appeal."

The types of items on offer included role play products, early years furniture, curriculum based resources, book storage, outdoor storage, outdoor role play as well as many other products for people to enjoy.