Police in Carlisle have issued a plea for residents to respect the coronavirus lockdown, after dealing with a supermarket customer who was flouting the new measures - as well as swearing at staff.

A spokesman for Cumbria Police earlier today stressed the importance of sticking to the new Government lockdown and social distancing measures, for the safety of the entire community.

The spokesman said: "We can't name, but we can shame a customer of Asda who didn't like adhering to social distancing measures put in place by Asda for everyone's, including his safety.

"Swearing - with children in close proximity - at supermarket staff who are putting themselves at risk on a daily basis isn't acceptable and wont be tolerated."

The man in question has now been banned from Asda, and was warned by a Police Community Support Officer about "potential public order offences."

The spokesman added: "Supermarkets are taking advice from the government and are not being awkward on purpose. Please respect their protocols, it's for your safety."