A GROUP of Bright Stars at an Egremont school involved each year group in a pop-up art gallery themed event as part of a competition.

The group, from Orgill Primary School, held the event to raise funds for charity and ran it during the last parent’s evening before the shutdown. They used their donation of £50 to buy snacks to sell, and decorated cakes. The event raised just over £100 for the youngsters’ chosen charity, the Worldwide Fund for Nature.

Themes included plastic pollution, polar climates, deforestation, extreme weather and climate change.

Early years had plastic pollution, Years 1 and 2 chose polar climates and Year 3 went with deforestation, while Year 4 had animals, Year 5 selected extreme weather and Year 6 created artwork designed around ways of stopping climate change.

Sophie, nine, said: “I applied to Bright Stars because I though it would be a fun experience and would be good to fundraise for charity.”

Alisha, nine, said: “Everyone in the school was involved in helping make the art, which made it special and nice for people to see.”

Tamika, nine, said: “We chose to do our art on climate change as it is so important and needs to be stopped.”

Teacher Hannah Thornbery said: “Our Bright Stars team hosted their event in the school hall. They chose to create a pop-up gallery to showcase the amazing, artistic talent of our pupils, as well as raise the profile of a cause close to their hearts.

“Our children are passionate about protecting their planet and this event was just the most stunning way to communicate that.

“Whilst raising as much money as possible was one of the aims

of the competition, for our children ‘doing good’ was their main goal.

“We’re incredibly proud of them and we thank everyone who came along to provide support.”