FIRE crews in Carlisle have again been battling with "deliberate nuisance fires" on two consecutive nights.

The incidents come after Cumbria Fire and Rescue sent out a warning over a spate of premeditated rubbish bin fires in the city.

A spokesman for the service said: "The first happened about 1am on Tuesday, February 25.

"Carlisle East Fire Station was mobilised to a small fire under Nelson Bridge, Carlisle.

"Crews extinguished a quantity of rubbish using a hosereel.

"The second was at 8.15pm on Wednesday the following day when Carlisle East were again mobilised to a small fire to the rear of Holmacres Drive.

"Crews extinguished a quantity of rubbish using water knapsacks.

"Again, these fires could have delayed our response to an incident where someone’s life is in danger."

Last month the the service issued a warning after a number of rubbish bin fires were deliberately set ablaze over the previous couple of months.

Shortly before 8pm on Sunday, January 17, fire engines from Carlisle East, Carlisle West and Longtown fire stations were called to a house fire on Meade Road in the Harraby area of the city.

A recycling bag had been deliberately set on fire, with the blaze then spreading to the porch.

Police and ambulance crews were called, with the latter treating a casualty for smoke inhalation - crews were at the scene for more than two hours.

Crews from Carlisle East were also called on Friday night, January 17, about 9pm, night to Chances Park, Morton to a wheelie bin fire.

At the time a spokesman for Carlisle East Fire Station said: "We're trying to suggest that people put there bins out just before it is about to be collected rather than leaving it out all night.

"It's trying to keep them out of the public eye.

"If people have storage keep them away from the buildings and be vigilant and report anything through the necessary channels.

"It doesn't have to be an arson attack that can cause a wheelie bin fire.

"It could be burning ashes put into the bin that could cause it to catch fire.

"We're trying to prevent possible bin fires so urging people to only put them out as and when needed.

"This is only a couple of minus individuals, it's not an epidemic."

A number of bins fires were also reported in December.