A CUMBRIAN vet has reported a further five cases of a mystery sickness in dogs.

Most of the dogs which were treated last week which have been treated for sickness and diarrhoea symptoms, have been from the Wigton and Carlisle areas.

However, a few cases have also been reported in Silloth.

Belle Vue Vets in Wigton has been left surprised that usual treatments have not had the expected responses.

The veterinary practice decided to warn dog owners about the outbreak, which has varying symptoms.

Symptoms also include lethargy and a lack of appetite.

Caroline Jahnsdorf, veterinary surgeon at Belle Vue Vets, is now offering advice to all dog owners to limit the chances of the illness spreading.

She said anyone with concerns should contact their vet.

On average the vets is treating two dogs a day, which compares to the usual average of one or two a week.

Cases have appeared from dog owners in Aspatria, Wigton, Carlisle and Thursby.

Samples from the Wigton practice are now being sent to The Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (SAVSNET), which is studying the illness at the University of Liverpool.

It is investigating reports of acute onset prolific vomiting (five or more episodes in a 12-hour period) in dogs in various parts of the UK.

To find out the latest updates on the sickness, or about how to take part in the study, visit www.liverpool.ac.uk/savsnet/dog_vomiting_potential_outbreak.

Belle Vue vets is issuing advice:

  • Avoid walking in public parks to limit contact between dogs both affected and unaffected;
  • Pick up your dog’s poop, wash your hands, and clean any toys, food and water bowls.

To help treat your dog they recommend:

  • Bland food – Little and often with small meals of chicken/white fish and rice;
  • Probiotics – To help firm your dog’s stools up. We can dispense you ‘Yudigest’ for up to three days;
  • Keep hydrated – offer fresh water, soak any kibble in water to encourage water intake.