Highways England has confirmed that the A66 has now reopened in both directions.

Snow has caused disruption on roads across the county today, with this morning being particularly problematic.

The A66 was closed in both directions between the A1, Scotch Corner and the M6, junction 40, Penrith due to heavy snowfall.

Highways England crews were called in to plough and treat the road and reopened it at about 1pm.

Chris Wright is just one of the many motorists at a standstill on the A66.

He explained: "It's not good, police on foot have told me that we are not going anywhere.

"There's two to three miles of vehicles in front of mine and many behind. I left around 200m distance between me and a van in front because I knew there was a lorry coming over the hill behind me.

"He managed to stop but five vehicles back two cars have crashed. Speaking to the lorry driver behind me, he's only been driving for five months and was struggling to stop.

"I have food, blankets, two warm coats, a hat, scarf and full tank of diesel. Lots of people I've spoken too don't know what is happening. I've explained I have spoked to police and we are not going anywhere for a long time. Even if we do get going roads are impassable."