A PETITION calling for action on parking has amassed more than 290 signatures.

So far the online petition on change.org has 295 signatures, calling on more enforcement of parking restrictions in the area of Denton Street in the Denton Holme area of Carlisle.

One man – who has witnessed the parking first hand when he used to live in Denton Holme – is Shaun Wood, 29.

“The parking on Nelson Street is the worst part of the parking. Denton Holme is like a mini town centre.

“If you turn from Denton Street onto Nelson Street people park on the double yellow line on the site of the Co-op, jump out their car to get a pint of milk or whatever.

“There needs to be more enforcement to stop people parking on double yellow lines – some kind of car park if possible.There is a lot of land nearby that could be used as a car park.”

Mr Wood believes action is imperative.

“Somebody will be run over. There will have already been some near-misses on Denton Street. It is a problem.”

The petition was set up by Amy Claire Leigh, who lives on Denton Mill Close.

After reading complaints on social media about parking in Denton Holme, she took it upon herself to do something about it.

“I saw a reply of something along the lines of “someone needs to set up a petition” and I took it upon myself to set one up and post, mainly to prove it’s quite simple to do and that action, rather than Facebook complaints, as it is the only way the issue is going to be addressed.

“My intention was to forward to the applicable authority when there was a decent number of signatures.”

The petition reads: “The parking in Denton Street is a real problem for all residents and businesses of Denton Holme. Accidents are happening, one of which required an air ambulance to be called. Whilst yellow lines are in place, this is rarely enforced.

“I see this from both sides – the businesses/retailers present need passing traffic to survive but also, the parked vehicles are causing major problems for both traffic and pedestrians.

“The aim of this petition is to force the local authority to resolve this parking issue. There is a large area of land on Denton Street that would make an ideal car park and would solve this issue for everyone.

“A responsible City Council would purchase this land and install a pay & display.

“I would certainly be happy if my council tax went towards purchasing this land.

“Alternatively, the City Council should ensure that parking wardens are present hourly. Action needs to be taken.”

Another resident who has signed the petition is Stevie Sharp-Brown. She said: “The problem is there’s bollards and double yellows and people still park on the street so no one can get past, and it’s dangerous.

“They need to install cameras or get a warden there after hours.”

Cumbria county councillor for Denton Holme Karen Lockney says the concerns are being taken seriously.

“We know there is a problem with parking in Denton Holme and we have done things to try and address that.

“We had a community forum/awareness event at the back end of last year where the officers from Cumbria Highways and parking services came to speak to residents and listen to their concerns.

“The community speed watch volunteering programme is in process, where residents turn up to do speed watch training.

“That is happening in Denton Holme. We are looking at traffic-calming measures to measure the volume of traffic.”

Mrs Lockney says days of action have also been taken, where motorists parking illegally at night have been targeted and fined.

“I am delighted residents have brought it forward. I am aware of the problem and have been trying to put measures in place to move forward.

“I have been aware of the problem since I was elected in November 2018. I believe it is not a problem we can solve immediately but it is definitely a priority for me.”

“I welcome residents contacting me to explain specific concerns.”

To view the petition, go to https://tinyurl.com/vl7aod4.