SEVERAL pubs were targeted by thieves in one night - which has left one woman afraid in her own home.

The Bridge Inn at Santon Bridge was hit during the early hours of Friday to Saturday, with the Red Admiral at Seascale and the Fox & Hound at Ennerdale also targeted.

The thieves broke into the property and fled after setting off one of the alarms.

“Luckily they haven’t taken anything at all,” said the owner of the Bridge Inn, Steve Cottrell.

“I think they have got in through a window. The CCTV shows them in the office and reception area, but they couldn’t get into the bar.

“They have gone through the keys to open doors, but we don’t leave keys around. They have then gone in the back a second time, the alarm has gone off and they fled.”

Mr Cottrell says the ordeal has affected everyone in the pub. He also runs Irton Hall, which was targeted last month in a similar incident.

“It’s made everyone a bit nervous. Someone lives on site and it has made her feel a bit edgy and vulnerable that anyone can break in like that.

“She could’ve had opened the door and she could have been confronted. It’s made us feel more nervous and made us think about more cameras. Although the cameras did their job.”

The pub owner has a message for those responsible.

“It’s probably a waste of time but I would hope they would have a bit of regret for someone trying to go about their business.

“Running a business is hard enough.”

The raid came as a surprise to everyone at the pub.

“You don’t expect this sort of thing around here. I come from Manchester where you expect it, but in a quiet village community you don’t expect it all.”

Mr Cottrell is offering a cash reward for anyone with information. Alternatively witnesses can contact 101.