A BUNCH of very young workers turned up for a full day of graft to show their appreciation for all those who spend their days helping us.

As part of their ‘people who help us’ module, Foundation Stage pupils of Flimby Primary School spent the day dressing up as their favourite ‘person who helps someone’, with a range of impressive professions chosen.

After learning about the amazing work so many people do, including being visited by orthopaedic practitioners and having a trip out to an orthodontist, the youngsters felt great appreciation for their work, and took plenty of inspiration from their lessons when creating their outfits.

Little workers ranged from doctors, nurses and midwives to police officers, firemen and mechanics, with one pupil even coming in as the biggest hero of all – a “mammy”.

The mini mum completed her outfit with a pram and doll.

But she wasn't the only youngster inspired by her family, as one boy became a mechanic for the day "because his granda' was a mechanic, so he wanted to be a mechanic".

“They were all loving it!” Foundation Stage teacher Samantha Pearce said.

“All the children got involved, and I was quite surprised by how many different outfit ideas they came up with – it was great."

And of course everyone needs a bait break, and so the pupils invited their families along to have lunch with them, sharing cakes that they had baked and telling them all about what they had learnt.

Samantha added: "It was a really nice time for the children to talk to parents and grandparents or whoever they invited along all about the day."

But it wasn't just about food, as the pupils and parents also spent some time during their bait to take part in a colouring activity, working together to fill the pictures of people who help us with plenty of colour.

The day was filled with fun and family, with smiles flooding the room and plenty of hard work going on, and the youngsters had a blast experiencing the wonderful world of work – or at least one version of it!

"It was just a great success – it was such a good turnout with parents and grandparents, and it was just so nice," Samantha said.