A LARGE tree branch is wedged under a Cockermouth bridge, sparking concerns about debris being caught in it when Storm Dennis hits at the weekend.

The branch was swept under Gote Bridge on Monday. The surrounding area is in the flood risk zone.

A tree is also dangling over the river on Rubby Banks Road.

The Environment Agency has been informed.

Sue Cashmore, of the town's Flood Action Group, said: "I've been told there is a large tree hanging precariously over the river at Rubby Banks, this is a bit concerning as we have Dennis coming in.

"I've been in touch with the Environment Agency although I imagine they're very busy with trees down."

Sue had a busy weekend, monitoring river levels and liaising with anxious residents as Storm Ciara hit.

"There was a lot of anxiety and panic, I spent a lot of time calming people down," she said.

"The rivers have dropped a bit since then so I don't think this weekend should be as bad."

Town mayor Julie Laidlow said: "I hope that the first chance they get to remove the branch from Gote Bridge safely they will do so.

"People are a bit worried about it acting as a dam and trapping other debris.

"I can see it from my home and am watching it."