One man and his books are on their way – to every primary school in Cumbria.

Jamie Normington, head of education and volunteering at Cumbria Wildlife Trust, is currently journeying 200 miles around the county to deliver the nature-conjuring book, Lost Words to youngsters.

After raising funds to buy the books last year, Jamie set off on his Coast-to-Coast travels in June, wanting to hand-deliver the text and explain the importance of nature to the children and staff.

And three-quarters of the way through his challenge, the 47-year-old popped into Seascale School, much to the delight of the excited group.

"It was absolutely wonderful to have Jamie visit us again and to give the school such a delightful book," headteacher Avril Spencer said.

"We really look forward to working with him again."

Taking inspiration from the nature-filled book, Reception and Year 2 pupils and staff set about creating their own nature-themed treasure hunt.

The youngsters scoured the school grounds for the 'lost words' that had been scattered about, and filled the air with nature-related words as they shouted them out.

Jamie is thrilled so many schools are learning more about nature and the environment, and said: "I think people underestimate how engaged children are these days with helping the environment, and they're all so optimistic that they can make a change, which is just great.

"When I get to each school it powers me up because it's such a positive experience."

The nature-lover began his Coast-to-Coast at the westernmost school of St Bees, followed by the schools furthest north, east and south.

He has so far visited; Seascale, St Bees, Gosforth, Waberthwaite, Hensingham, Carlisle and south Cumbrian schools.

He added: "I'm really, really enjoying it – it's brilliant."

After they had so much fun hunting high and low for 'lost words', Seascale School have decided to create a wall of lost Cumbrian words, in a bid to keep the local language alive.

To help create Seascale School's wall of Cumbrian words, contact the school at 019467 28403.