Hundreds of homes are without power in Brampton.

More than 200 homes lost power just before 12pm today.

A spokesman from Electricity North West said: "We are aware of the power cut and have engineers on the way."

The post codes affected are: CA8 1LA, CA8 2QA, CA8 9JL, CA4 9JJ, CA8 9NH, CA8 9NQ, CA8 1LR, CA8 1HN, CA8 1QX, CA8 1QY, CA8 1EX, CA8 1LT, CA8 1LW, CA8 1LE, CA8 1LP, CA4 9LT, CA4 9LU, CA8 9AQ, CA8 9LA, CA8 9LT, CA8 9LU, CA8 9NB, CA8 9ND, CA8 9NE, CA8 9NL, CA8 1LS, CA8 1LB, CA4 9NE, CA8 1HA, CA8 1HS, CA8 1HT, CA8 1HU, CA8 1HP, CA8 1HY, CA8 1JD, CA8 1JF, CA8 1JE, CA8 9NF, CA8 1LD, CA8 2NE, CA8 2QX, CA8 1JL, CA8 1JR, CA8 1JJ, CA8 2NG, CA8 2NQ, CA4 9NG, CA8 2QZ, CA8 1LX, CA8 9NG, CA8 2QU, CA8 3UL, CA8 2NJ, CA8 2NF, CA8 2PN, CA8 2PF, CA8 2JB, CA8 2PA, CA8 2PG, CA8 2PH, CA8 2PJ, CA8 2PL, CA8 2PQ, CA8 2PP, CA8 2PR, CA8 2PS, CA8 2PT, CA8 2PX, CA8 2PY, CA8 2PW, CA8 2PU, CA8 2QN, CA8 2QB, CA8 2QD, CA8 2QG, CA8 2QH, CA8 2QJ, CA8 2QQ, CA8 2QW, CA8 2QE, CA8 7NB, CA6 7NE, CA8 2NH, CA8 1JX, CA8 1JY, CA8 2HF, CA8 2QT, CA4 9NF, CA8 1QS, CA8 1QT, CA8 1QU, CA8 1QP, CA8 1QR, CA8 1NX, CA8 1QH, CA8 1QJ, CA8 1QQ, CA8 1QL, CA8 1QN, CA8 1QW, CA8 1TT, CA8 1TR, CA8 1TS, CA8 1TU, CA8 1EH, CA8 1UA, CA8 1UB, CA8 1UD, CA8 1UG, CA8 1UQ, CA8 1UE, CA8 1TX, CA8 1TY, CA8 1TZ, CA8 1TP, CA8 1UT, CA8 1UU, CA8 1US, CA4 9LR, CA4 9LY, CA8 9LP, CA8 9LR, CA8 9LS, CA8 9LX, CA8 9LY, CA8 9LZ, CA8 9NJ, CA8 1LF, CA8 1LL, CA8 1LN, CA8 1LU, CA8 1HW, CA8 1HR, CA8 1JA, CA8 1JZ, CA8 1LY, CA8 1LZ, CA8 2NL, CA8 2NN, CA8 2NP, CA8 2NW, CA8 2NX, CA8 9DD, CA6 7LT, CA8 7LT, CA8 7LX, CA8 7LY, CA8 1JH, CA8 1JP, CA4 8RF, CA4 9BG, CA8 9BG, CA8 9BH, CA8 9BP, CA8 9BQ, CA4 8RJ, CA4 8RY, CA4 9BA, CA8 9BA, CA8 9BL, CA8 9HT, CA4 9BB, CA4 9BJ, CA8 9BB, CA8 9AP, CA8 9AR, CA4 8PJ, CA4 9EH, CA4 9EL, CA8 9EH, CA8 9EJ, CA8 9EL, CA4 9AG, CA8 9AG, CA4 9AJ, CA8 9AJ, CA8 9BW, CA4 8QB, CA8 9AU, CA8 9EQ, CA8 9AF, CA8 9AY, CA8 9AX, CA4 8PN, CA4 8PZ, CA4 8QA, CA8 9EW, CA4 9JZ, CA8 9JZ, CA8 9JT, CA8 9JY, CA8 9HL, LA2 0HW, CA8 9JU, CA8 9LE, CA8 9LF, CA8 9JX, CA8 9JN, CA8 9HU, CA8 9JB, CA8 9JF, CA8 9JG, CA8 9JH, CA8 9JQ, CA8 9LJ, CA8 9LL, CA4 9LH, CA8 9LH, CA8 1SY, CA8 1SZ, CA8 1TA, CA4 9LN, CA8 1SX, CA4 9LQ, CA8 9LQ, CA8 9LG, CA4 9LG, CA8 9DU, CA8 9BD, CA8 9BE, CA4 8PL, CA4 8PS, CA4 8QG, CA4 8QH, CA4 9AE, CA8 9AE, CA8 9AL, CA8 9AN, CA8 9AT, CA8 9AW, CA8 9AH, CA4 9HH, CA4 9HX, CA8 9HH, CA8 9HJ, CA8 9HN, CA8 9HW, CA8 9HX, CA8 9HZ, CA4 9HR, CA4 9HT, CA4 9JA, CA8 9HR, CA8 9HS, CA8 9JA, CA8 9JE, CA4 9HP, CA8 9HP, CA4 9JT, CA4 9LJ, CA4 9AA, CA4 9AD, CA8 9AA, CA8 9AB, CA8 9AD