A HOLOCAUST survivor shared the story of his life with pupils at William Howard School ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day.

Uri Winterstein spoke to history students in year 10 and year 11 at the school about

his memories of the Holocaust.

He also took a range of insightful questions from the pupils that covered his thoughts on the current political atmosphere.

Natalie Nicholls, curriculum leader for history, said: “Uri spoke about his experiences, he was a baby at the time so he was only two years old at the end of the war.

“He talked about how his parents spoke about the Holocaust, and about their experiences and then his part in that.”

The school has had Holocaust survivors speak to pupils as part of remembrance events for a number of years.

It doesn’t simply focus on the impact of the Nazi Holocaust but also other genocides too.

She said: “I think for the students it just really makes them fully understand and appreciate the experiences that those people who are connected to the Holocaust went through.

“It allows them to make those connections between what the study and what actually happened.”