NHS staff in north Cumbria are among the many across the globe celebrating Chinese New Year this weekend.

Chinese New Year, which this year falls on Saturday, will mark the arrival of the year of the rat, one of the 12 signs in the traditional Chinese zodiac.

A number of staff at the North Cumbria Integrated Care Trust celebrate the festival each year.

One such staff member is Chien Nee Gan, 25, a foundation doctor based at the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle.

Originally from Malaysia, she is travelling back for the festivities to celebrate with her family.

She said: “This is my first year in Cumbria and I am flying back to Malaysia to celebrate with my family back home.

“However, when I was a student, we used to do steamboats (hot pots) or potlucks (a buffet party) at a friend’s place during Chinese New Year.

“We also do something called ‘lou sang’: it is an appetiser dish and it is like a tradition to start the new year with prosperous wishes.

“I was born in Malaysia and have always celebrated Chinese New Year in Malaysia so I have not actually celebrated in China.

“All of my family is residing in Malaysia now, including my grandparents’ generation.”