FIREFIGHTERS in north and west Cumbria were called to two pan fires in less than two hours.

Crews from Workington and Whitehaven attended Edinburgh Avenue in Workington shortly before 1pm, where a chip fan fire had started in the kitchen of an 84-year-old man's home.

The man was treated by firefighters and then paramedics for smoke inhalation.

The teams advised the man to discard of his chip pan, reiterating the dangers of using such a device.

They were at the scene more than an hour.

Just after 2pm engines from Carlisle West and Carlisle East fire stations were called to Ashley Street, which is just off Wigton Road.

The fire this time involved a grill pan.

A casualty was again treated for smoke inhalation by firefighters and ambulance crews.

Two breathing apparatus, a hose reel, a thermal imaging camera and oxygen therapy were used by fire service personnel at the scene.

There were at the address for 45 minutes.