A HEARTBROKEN dog owner whose pet died after being attacked is urging others to keep an eye on their animals.

Father-of-two David Bowe and his family have been left devastated after their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bailey, was mauled by a greyhound while out walking.

The eight-year-old dog was still breathing after the “unprovoked” and “shocking” attack, which took place near Cockermouth School, but he was put to sleep hours later at the vets due to suffering internal bleeding from the event.

Mr Bowe, who lives in the town, spoke of the shocking attack.

“They were just sniffing each other and their tails were wagging.

“Suddenly the greyhound got him by the throat and shook him,” he said.

“I was trying anything to get the dog off him, but it wouldn’t let go – I didn’t realise greyhounds were that strong to be honest.”

Bailey was attacked and died on New Year’s Eve, and Mr Bowe’s four-year-old daughter Sophie and son Oliver, eight, are heartbroken.

“My daughter’s never known life without him – she keeps asking when he’s coming back, which is just awful,” said Me Bowe.

“I never imagined when I set off from home for our morning walk that I would return without our beloved family pet.”

Mr Bowe reported the incident to police.

He is now urging dog owners to be responsible when out walking their pets.

He is also warning others to be wary of seemingly friendly dogs.

“It’s hard to talk about, but telling people gets the message out,” added Mr Bowe.

“We can’t bring our dog back but if it stops this happening to someone else’s dog it’s worth it.”

Mr Bowe said that family life and fell walks are not the same following Bailey’s death.

The family are hoping to get another dog soon to fill the hole the little spaniel’s death has left behind.