Seaton Junior School pupils have had a taste of life as a mountain rescue volunteer.

The Year 4 youngsters paid a visit to Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team’s base to learn all about how they help people stuck out on the fells.

And the eager students also managed to raise £201.50 to donate to the team’s crucial work.

Teacher Robyn Carter said the visit tied in with their current geography topic and was enjoyed by all 76 pupils.

“Our topic is currently called Misty Mountain Sierra where we learn about mountains around the world, how they are formed and their location. We also look at the aspect of safety and mountain rescue.

“As our WOW lesson for the topic, we contacted the Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Centre to see if they could offer us a workshop.

“So we visited the centre, and we got to learn about how they are funded, how they train, they showed us around the vehicles, we visited the radio control rooms and the training room.

“Then at the end of the visit, all children received a mountain rescue pack which provided them with details how to keep safe.”

Miss Carter added: “The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit. It was amazing to see the children in awe of the work of the mountain rescue volunteers.”

The school did not charge children for the trip but instead asked for donations for the team. They were delighted with the sum raised and handed over on the visit.