Trudy Harrison has been re-elected as MP for Copeland.

The Conservative candidate won with 22,856 votes against Labour's Tony Lywood, who received 17,040 votes.

Liberal Democrat John Studholme secured 1,888 votes, while the Green Party's Jack Lenox received 765 votes.

Speaking after the result was announced, Mrs Harrison said: "I am looking forward to getting started where I left off. I think a win tonight is a vote of confidence for Boris Johnston's optimism and opportunity. It's about getting Brexit done. I'm looking forward to starting that when I'm back in Westminster on Monday. All of the things that I've been pledging - to look after the nuclear industry, our farmers, tourism - there's so much opportunity in Copeland. For me, leaving the European Union focuses our minds on making sure that we unleash the potential."

Mrs Harrison also thanked the Copeland Conservatives for an "exceptional" campaign, her husband and daughters, and everyone who voted for her.

It is the third election victory in less than three years for Mrs Harrison, who won the Copeland by-election in February 2017, following the resignation of Labour MP, Jamie Reed. She was then re-elected as MP in the June 2017 general election.

Her opponent, Mr Lywood said: "I'm sad but one should always be gracious in victory and hopeful in defeat. The people of Copeland have spoken. I wish Mrs Harrison all the very best for her period in office as the MP for Copeland. We mounted a spirited campaign but the national campaign was against us. We couldn't have done any more than we did. I pay tribute to all the candidates for keeping this campaign a clean one."

The turnout in Copeland was 69.21 per cent - a slight decrease from the June 2017 general election - when it was 69.66%.

Mr Studholme said: "I have enjoyed the campaign. I got to know the area much better and met more people. I enjoyed the hustings. It is a nice challenge to have. I came in to the campaign as a strong European. I wasn't convinced the other parties would have the same view. In a democracy the important thing is to feel free to put your views forward and accept the result. We have all got on well."

Mr Lenox said: "It's disappointing. I think what we're seeing across the country is very disappointing. As a small party, we hear so much people say they would love to be able to vote for us but they don't think it's worth it, so this doesn't really represent the support that we have."