The Conservative candidate for Penrith and the Border has said "he has big shoes to fill" as he was elected to replace Rory Stewart with an increased majority. 

Neil Hudson picked up 28,875 votes, up on Mr Stewart's 28,078 in 2017. 

Labour's Sarah Williams came in second with 10,356 votes, which was down on the 12,168 won by Lola McEvoy in the last election. 

Picking up third place was Matt Severn of the Liberal Democrats on 5,364 votes, which was up on the 3,641 Neil Hughes won two years ago.

Ai Ross of the Green Party won 2,159 votes, which was more than double the number won by her predecessor Doug Lawson in 2017.

Putting Cumbria First's Jonathan Davies won 1,070 votes in last place.

Neil Hudson said: "I am completely humbled, it's quite humbling seeing democracy in action.

"It is a real honour and privilege and very humbling to have been elected as the Member of Parliament for Penrith and the Border. 

"I haven't yet digested the numbers, but very very positive and we move forward. If it's reflected across the country I'm relieved that we are going to be in a position where we are not going to be in a hung Parliament.

"I think that's important for this area and the whole country. We need political stability and a majority Government to get Parliament working again."

On his predecessor Rory Stewart, he said: "I pay tribute to my predecessor Rory. He was a tremendous MP for the area. 

"I have big shoes to fill."

Labour's Sarah Williams commented: "The result was unshifted from 2017, which I would say is a surprise. 

"It hasn't really reflected any national swing or trend. Penrith and the Border seems to be stubbornly stuck.

"I fear for the future of farming, I fear for schools, I fear for the future of rural schools and for the National Health Service.

"Clearly those fears weren't felt by the majority of the electorate."